Buying a mac right before a product refresh

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dnoh023, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Feb 23, 2011

    Recently my MacBook pro got stolen and I am in the process of claiming insurance, when I saw that Thursday the 24th is a very likely date for a product refresh of the mbp. I was just wondering, if the insurance company replaces my mbp with a new one from the apple store before they get updated, does apple ship the previous generation model or the newly updated one? My old mbp was the higher end 13" 2010 model and I had it for around a month =\

    Also, although this isn't really mac related, I know that insurance companies replace lost notebooks with a same specced notebook so will they rather opt to replace the mbp with one from a reseller as they would not run short of supply like apple's own stores? I live in New Zealand so it'll probably be a different scenario than in the US.

    I'm being a bit obsessive about this cause it would suck to get a new mac just before, or even after, a product refresh...

    Anyway, thanks :)
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    If the new one has already been released, then it's likely that you will get a new one. You should be able to exchange the old one for a new model in case you get an old one.
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    I purchased a SantaRosa Macbook a few weeks before the Penryn models came out. I returned mine and paid restocking which was a fraction of what the upgrades would have cost. Perhaps restocking is no longer a factor but I would ask at the time of purchase. You can't be sure of Apple product release dates so if you buy a few days before you think a product is being released and it doesn't come out for 32 days you are the proud owner of the older model.

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