Buying a Macbook Off of eBay?


macrumors 6502
Oct 22, 2011
If you didn't end up winning that one, try for this one:

I checked the serial number for it, and it was only bought two days ago, so I am guessing this person may have gotten it as a gift, or won it somewhere. The BIN price is pretty good, seeing as you are basically buying a brand new notebook, with full warranty, and also the latest 2011 MBA model, but you could also try bidding on it and winning it for less. Spending the extra money would be worth it for you, if the base model is what you're looking for.

As for the one you were looking at, for a hundred dollars more, I was able to get the 2010 Ultimate. Your call though. I'll post the warranty info for the posted link above...


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