Buying a MBP from Amazon

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by leons, Dec 13, 2009.

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    They don't discriminate per se. But as I understand it, if you buy an Apple hardware item from either the online Apple store or a 3rd party like and there's something wrong with it when you receive it, the brick and morter Apple stores will fix it, they won't exchange it. This also, applies to build-to-order items from the online Apple store. Whereas, if you purchase a stock item from the Apple Store and there's something wrong with it, they'll exchange it.
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    Correct. They will fix a defective unit ordered from a third party but not exchange it. For that like everything else you need to go through whom you bought it frin. They will usually make an exception for the online store unless it is built to order. From the Apple store you get the most leeway, i.e. all of you I want to buy it but I know if I do they'll come out with something new tomorrow. In those cases if you buy directly from the Apple store within 14 days they will price adjust or waive the restocking fee for the new model. They only can do this on Apple in store purchases. Furthermore the nicer and politer you are and the sooner you come in after a new model is announced managers have the leeway to waive the 14 day mark and/or the restocking fee.
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    Wow, really? I was thinking of getting my MBP from Amazon but would consider going to the Apple Store if this is really the case.
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    Managers can do things for Apple B&M purchases that they can't do for purchases from other stores, they have different model numbers and can't be accepted back into inventory and by the serial number they can tell from which 3rd party it came from. So if you've ever asked what's the advantage to going into the store that's it. When new models come in they expect the returns to go up but generally if you try to return your 6 month old computer and expect a new one they'll think of you as a jerk. But up to 30 days is usually ok without a question just expect it to take a few more minutes than a regular exchange so keep the packaging discs, etc and preferably receipt. Or since the model you just bought went down in price you can just take the receipt in if you prefer a price adjustment. I preferred the old macbook pro rather than the unibody ones and I saved a ton of money on a computer that has more than enough power for me for what I use it for (and has a matte screen) :)

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