Buying a new 13 in. MBP


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Apr 18, 2012
So a few weeks ago while at college somebody stole my early 2011 13 inch MBP. It happened right before finals week to make matters worse. That's all in the past now and what's done is done. My insurance is covering it and has given me $1300 to help pay for a new MBP. Since I wasn't exactly in the market for a new MBP I haven't really given much thought to whether I should buy the rMBP or cMBP although I am certain I want to stay at the 13 inch model. I'm a mathematics major and my computing is that of an "average" user (web browsing, email, iTunes, iPhoto, Skype, downloading files, iLife suite). This laptop is simply a replacement for my stolen one with little extra cost (other than a slight increase in insurance payments). My previous MBP satisfied my needs in every way and was never altered (it was the "upgraded" base model). Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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Mar 7, 2013
Since college is out for you now, I assume, I would wait for June 10 when Apple is expected to announce their new lineup. You then have the option to buy the newest or buy the old gen. model at a discounted price. If you need it now, my recommendation would be the base 13" cMBP, then add 8 GB or 16 GB of memory and a 256-512 GB SSD when you can aftermarket.


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Mar 11, 2008
I would definitely get the rMBP unless you have a big need for the optical drive. The retina display is gorgeous and the flash drive makes this scream compared to a hard drive based model. If you can wait until June 10, that would be a good idea, but personally I really doubt the 13" rMBP is going to be updated then.


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May 16, 2013
Kansas, USA
Consider whether you want/need things like an optical drive or an Ethernet port. rMPBs don't have either of those. You can also get a much bigger hard drive for less money with the cMBPs. I've been shopping for a replacement for my 2009, and my college bookstore tech guy said the cMBPs have much better battery life since the display takes less power. Definitely do some shopping. Of your school sells Macs, talk to them about what works best for college students nowadays. Good luck!