Buying a Touch - 1G or 2G??

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Gadgetnutter, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Gadgetnutter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    Bear with's not as stupid a question as it seems!

    I want to buy a 32 GbTouch, so I can play videos when on the move as my Ipod Classic screen is just too small.

    I know the 2G Touch is the current version, but I have confirmed that it will not charge in my Bose SoundDock or in-car Belkin Tunecast FM..which is a bit of a showstopper.

    I have found a couple of places still selling the original 32Gb Touch for less than the new one (here in the UK).

    So, the question is...given the charging issues with the 2G..should I just get the 1G??

    Alternatively, the Iphone 3G is now available on PAYG here in the UK..but I don't think 16Gb will be enough for me as I have already used nearly that much on my 80Gb Classic!
  2. i-Want-Apples macrumors regular

    Aug 25, 2008
    I'm going to attempt to answer your question as best I can. I personally don't have an iPod Touch yet, but I can respond based on what I have found in my research for it. Hopefully this helps you as well.

    There really isn't significant changes from 1g to 2g. The easiest way to tell is that not all original iPod Touch owners are switching to the new one. When the changes are major, it seems everyone, even current owners want to upgrade. However, there are some nice upgrades, i.e. speaker, Nike App, mic, extended battery, etc. For most people, the best part is the price. When simply looking at the 1g and the 2g models, based on price it is a much better deal to go with the 2g over 1g for most people. Unless you plan to go with the refurbished 1g, the savings isn't really worth it, even if you just consider the battery life. My friend was wanting to save a few bucks and get the 1g, but I've talked him out of it now and he is going to get the 2g instead.

    However, in your situation you already have some accessories to use with the iPod, therefore the price could end up being a lot higher on the 2g for you if you need to get new accessories. With the sounddock, you should still be able to play music, but not charge your iPod (I don't own one, so I'm not certain) but you should be able to listen using the headphone jack. If your accessories are important to you and you would plan to replace for a 2g them down the road, then I think the 1g is the best way to go. It is still a great iPod and most of the owners of the 1g seem to love it, so I don't think you would be at all dissapointed. Plus, you could continue to use the accessories you have.

    Now, as far as the iPhone, that is completely a personal preference. Questions you need to consider
    1. Do you need a cell phone
    2. Do you want to pay the fees associated with an iPhone (I believe someone said over a 2 year contract in the US the iPhone will cost $2000, not sure about the UK)
    3. Do you really want to cut your storage in half. If you almost have 80gb player filled, a 16gb player would really reduce your storage.

    If you don't need to have internet with you all the time, the camera and the few other features that the iPhone has... Then I think you would be happier with the 32gb iPod Touch and getting a regular cell phone... But, that is just my personal opinion.

    Hopefully this helps you a little bit... At the very least it will get the topic back up to the top and hopefully some more responses!

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. dmcman73 macrumors newbie

    Sep 18, 2008
    Are you sure that the 2G version will not charge in those accessories? I have an XtremeMac Tango speaker system that I bought for my iPod Video a while back and my 2G Touch docks in it fine, plays back and charges in it too, it shares the same pin outs on the connector as the 1G version of the touch and past iPod's.

    There wasn't a lot of changes made in the 2G version. The included speaker is nice but doesn't sound all that great. The only use I can see for it is if you are on Youtube and find a really funny clip you want to show your friends without passing around your headphones. The volume buttons are a big plus, but then again you could always get a pair of headphones with an inline volume control for the 1G version.

    Also, the screens between the 1G and 2G are different. The 2G is much "warmer" (read yellower) then the 1G version. Now you may think this is a bad thing but it's not. It does make it easier on the eyes and it makes the videos you play back on the touch look better.
  4. Gadgetnutter thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    Guys..thanks for your replies.

    i-want-apples - I don't think the Iphone was ever a realistic scenario. The storage is too limited and I am a self-confessed gadget freak and could not see myself going backwards phone-wise. My current N95 has 3G, WiFi, MMS, GPS (fully cracked), Fring (Skype), Live Messenger and a whole load of other apps..Oh and a 5 Megapixel camera....Bit of a no-brainer really!

    dmcman73 - Yeah, I am sure about the accessories. One of the major changes with the Touch 2G is the removal of charging via the Firewire pins on the dock connector. I have tried a Touch 2G in the same model SoundDock in my local Apple store and it refuses to charge. Belkin also confirmed the same scenario with the Tunecast FM

    Still undecided to be honest. The specs look very similar and the prices are almost the same (actually the 1G is about a tenner cheaper)

    Getting a headache trying to make a decision :confused:

    Just an update..I may have found a reason to go for the 1G!!
    Apparently the 2g Touch has real problems connecting to WPA2 wifi networks! All of the networks, on a variety of routers that I have set up for family and friends all use WPA2!
  5. rupie94 macrumors member

    Sep 5, 2008
    Why did you even ask this question, no question is stupid, but this comes close:p. I say this because the newest is cheaper!!! and almost the same, so why take the more expensive one when you can get the cheaper one. The extra's are a built-in speaker and some extra volume buttons, that's good isn't it?
  6. Gadgetnutter thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    Now go back and re-read my posts.

    The newer is *NOT* cheaper here in the UK. The iG has been reduced to below the 2G pricing.

    I also have nearly £300 worth of accessories that will not charge the 2G Touch..that I really would rather not replace.

    It seems as though the only real differences between the two are the volume keys, the internal speaker (which I have experienced first-hand..and was not very impressed) and the change to the charging pins.

    I was asking for opinions as to whether there were any other differences that would sway my opinion.

    No reply is unhelpful..but yours is about as close as it comes :p
  7. rupie94 macrumors member

    Sep 5, 2008
    But doesn't it lie better in the palm of your hand with it's new shape?
    And from your reaction I might say you should buy the 1st gen, because you only say negative things about the 2nd gen. And when it's cheaper in the UK then buy that one.
    I think selfnotknowledgement (new word) doesn't exist, but you come close:p(get it?)
  8. Gadgetnutter thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 17, 2008
    Dude..I've got nothing against the 2G Touch except the change in the charging and the reported problems connecting to WPA wifi networks.

    Bottom line is I have accessories I'd like to keep and was just asking if there were any major differences between the two to help me with my decision

    As for made up words verbalising testiculitis would seem to be a condition you are familiar with :p

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