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Aug 7, 2011
My wife wants to buy a used 2013 macbook air locally thru facebook marketplace. I have a few pics of the unit the person says it works fine just they upgraded recently, id go with her and meet in a public place of course, i'd love to just trust everyone but I want to know what to look for when buying used like this as I haven't really done it before.

I have some snapshots so I have the serial number which I ran thru apples check coverage tool and it says

Apple is unable to provide information about your service coverage. Please sign in with your Apple ID and provide your product’s date of purchase so that we can display your coverage information.

Is that a bad sign? This is a mid 2013 model so I would assume it would have at least validated the purchase date...

I also asked for a snapshot of the cycle count on the battery, it's at 617 and says condition normal.

I don't see any physical damage from the pics, and the screen seems ok from pics, I know to check out all the keys and things like making sure icloud arent signed into and file encryption is turned off, sound, brightness, keyboard, backlight, wifi - maybe use it 5-10 mins to confirm nothing gets hot or anything, but anything else i should look at or for in general?

Hoping adding this to our family will just be a positive experience but I also don't want someone else's problem, so any tips or things to check before purchase I appreciate the input :)


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Jul 25, 2017
Screen defects-dead pixels, white spots, etc.
Battery health-cycle count alone doesn't tell you anything. You need to know maximum capacity and compare it to original maximum. 90% capacity and better is what I look for.
Obvious defects-dents, keyboard bulge, etc.


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Sep 25, 2018
I purchased a refurbished Macbook Air right from the website and it has worked with no problems for about 6 years now. I will probably need to service the battery soon to keep it charged for a long time.
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