Buying a Used MBP Mid-2007 Model

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by AppleNewton, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Im trying to post this with out sounding like a marketplace ad.
    if so, i can edit or change it per request.

    But I'm wondering if something like this even exsists or if its worth it to look for; basically im interested picking up a MacBookPro 15" mid-2007 with a 2.2Ghz CPU
    It doesnt have to have a harddrive and or memory installed as i have a few spare drives and required so-dims for those particular models.

    Is there a price range for something along those lines?

    Because I have a great condition PowerMac G5 1.8 Single CPU w/ Leopard and an 8GB iPod Touch (a few weeks old) that i just dont really have a use for, and am looking to grab a decent deal for a trade or something to kind of estimate price differences

    I'm assuming the only place to really find out is the marketplace?

    sorry if it sounded vague as well, just looking for perhaps tips or advice on finding a decent deal on a MBP 2.2Ghz mid-2007 or something im similar regards.

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    Occasionally, Apple will drop a 2.2GHz refurb at the Apple Refurbished Mac section. I got mine there for $1450. The advantage to that is of course, it comes with a year of warranty, with AppleCare obviously extending it to three years.

    eBay and craigslist will probably fetch you better prices, but there might be cosmetic defects or problems that you'll have to fix. People don't usually sell a computer they're happy with. The other thing is that it probably won't have a warranty. Expect prices around $1300 for a working one in excellent condition, down to about $700 for one with a shot logic board or display.
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