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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by LiquidSnake, Jul 1, 2012.

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    Looking at some of the current deals going on with the $100 app store credit and whatnot... Debating on pulling the trigger now or if I should wait or if anyone has any recommendations!

    Currently am a college student (graduating in December), part time employee at an IT job, full time DJ (I guess Thurs-Sat nights is considered full time DJing haha) and using a 2006 MacBook Pro (Core Duo - aka the CookBook Pro model). I have upgraded it to give it a longer lifespan (use it daily still) with a SSD/HDD combo replacing the CD drive, maxed out the ram, and bought an expresscard wi-fi card since the airport card went out.

    My current laptop, while still good for DJing regular music files, is starting to show its age. I've been picking up Music Video gigs and this has become quite intensive on the laptop, it gets by and the job gets done, but it is time for a new laptop. I use Serato Scratch Live and Ableton, and there is great software called the Bridge that lets both programs be used at the same time! However this is again, very processor intensive, and not stable enough for me to use on my current laptop during gigs.

    Was considering a 13" MBPro but not having a Graphics Card limits the amount of Video-FX you can use while doing transitions and other effects with Serato Video. Was also considering looking for a refurb MBP however finding one with the Hi-Res Antiglare screen seems to be somewhat hit or miss. Antiglare is needed for me as the glossy screen plus club lights going all over the place plus strobes, just yeah... need that matte finish (no idea why the Pro models do not come standard with this anymore).

    I have set aside close to $1000 and was planning on saving then picking up a new MacBook Pro by year's end, but it would seem more beneficial to purchase sooner, getting the $100 credit and making use of my education discount before I am no longer a student. I am usually against paying anything with a loan or credit as I like to stay fairly debt free, however am considering making the purchase now to take advantage of the current ongoing deals, but would like some advice on the three options payment options as I have never used any of them and am not sure which path I should take (or if I should just wait).

    The RBS Citizens Payment Plan, the Barclay Visa Card, or Bill Me Later.

    To me the RBS one looks to be the better option, in their FAQ they state that there is no early payment penalty if you pay off the loan too fast which is good by me, would be able to pay it off within 6-8 months fairly easy that way. Was looking at the Bill Me Later plan and am not quite sure if I am understanding it correctly, you have 6 months of no interest, but if you do not pay it off all the way within that time, you get the entire purchase price of interest on it? Or would the interest be just whatever balance is left over after the 6 months? I could most likely do that, however having it over a 24-month period just gives that extra security in case anything "comes up".

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks for your time!
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