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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by SeatIbiza, May 11, 2014.

  1. SeatIbiza macrumors newbie

    May 11, 2014
    Leeds, UK
    Hi everyone, my name is Joe.

    I've been using Windows all my life, and after using my friend's Mac, I've decided to switch from Windows to Mac.

    Now, this is where I need some advice, I'm after a Macbook, I want something that is good at browsing the web and can run Ableton Live 9, also it needs to have a DVD/CD drive. I have a budget of £400, so unfortunately brand new would not be an option. What is best value for money? a Macbook, Pro or Air? I don't really have any preference apart from the above :)

    If anyone could recommend what would be best to go for that would be great. Am I best looking on Gumtree and Ebay? Or is there somewhere else I can get a good used/reconditioned Macbook?

    Sorry for the non-technical terms, I new to this stuff ;)


  2. tooobe macrumors regular

    Nov 3, 2008
    Ideally I'd get a Macbook Pro with an i5 processor. Might be hard to find in your budget though. Otherwise I'd still get a Macbook Pro either way, with the best specs/condition you can find.
  3. mad3inch1na macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2013
    It will be hard to find a MBA in that price range. Just in terms of reliability, it might be better to pick up a new windows laptop or chrome book, as an old macbook will cost you some money in the long run with repairs. The only benefits of getting a used mac are that they are already old so they won't drop much in value, you get OSX, and you get the great glass trackpad. I would look for a 2009 MBP if you wanted to get a used mac.

    On another note, it can't hurt to save up and get a new/refurbished mac. I don't know what special offers they have in the UK, but in the US BestBuy is currently doing a 150$ off promotion on all their Apple notebooks, so I can pick up a new 2014 MBA for 750$. Just a few days ago they had an even better deal, but I don't need a new laptop right now so I missed out on it. If you have time to wait, I'm sure you can find a good sale, but you would need to save up a little more. In the long run it might be worth it because it would probably last you longer.

  4. Trvlngnrs macrumors 6502


    Jun 8, 2010
    You'll need to get a USB DVD/CD drive if you want an Air.
  5. macs4nw macrumors 601


    Hey Joe! Unfortunately, the first reality PC users contemplating switching to Mac, have to face is the fact used Macs hold their value fairly well, and better than used PCs, so while £400 may seem like a decent amount to get a used PC, that amount doesn't buy you a Mac that most users here would recommend you to consider.

    Broadly speaking, I personally wouldn't recommend you to consider anything much more than about four years old, so in light of Apple's legacy policy, you should be able to get at least 2-3 years of use out of it, before being unable to run certain software, or difficulty getting replacement parts, should you need them, might become objectionable.

    Sorry to break it to you, but you may have to bite the bullet, and save up a little more, or risk having buyers remorse in a few months.

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