Buying an AT&T iPad unlimited data plan

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Mactagonist, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I am interested to hear from those who have done this. What did you pay (aprox)? Where did you find the seller? How much data do you actually use to justify the purchase? What kind of speeds and reliability are you getting from AT&T in your area?

    I am in the market for an iPad unlimited plan personally but I have been having a hard time finding them for sale for a reasonable price. Sorry eBay guys selling for $550 but that just isn't going to happen. :)
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    I assume you're looking for someone with a grandfathered "unlimited" data plan you can purchase, correct? As far as I know, no carrier (with the possible exception of Sprint) offers a truly unlimited data plan (without throttling.) Furthermore, every carrier has a clause in the TOS (Terms of Service) agreement that allows the carrier to limit data services if they determine the use is "excessive."

    Oops...Looks like Sprint just changed their 4G "unlimited" plan for mobile hotspots. No longer available. They had already killed unlimited data plans for tethering at the beginning of October.

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