Buying an iMac, But how much would my PC go for?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by freeman24, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. freeman24 Guest

    Aug 14, 2006
    Hey Guys! I know this is a longshot but here it goes.

    I have decided for the first time to buy a Mac (iMac 24") in January, but i have no idea how much my PC would sell for. Im asking all PC geeks and switchers to give me a rough guide on how much my system would sell. Please be honest ;)

    Thermaltake Xaser III
    Hyundai 19" CRT Monitor (ImageQuest Q995)

    AMD Athlon 64 - 3000+
    1GB Ram
    160GB Hard Drive
    ATI Radeon 9200 Pro
    Gigabyte Motherboard (nVidia nForce3 ICP)

    DVD-RW Drive
    CD-RW Drive
    Logitech Wireless Laser Mouse
    Logitech UltraX Keyboard
    USB Belkin wireless Adaptor

    Thats really it! The case looks really nice :p . Im fed up now though of windows and after playing with a Mac for an hour I wanted to buy one there and then.

    Cheers Guys!!
  2. freeman24 thread starter Guest

    Aug 14, 2006
    i take it your all mac geeks from the beginning :D .. Just gonna put it on ebay and see what i get i guess.
  3. someguy macrumors 68020


    Dec 4, 2005
    Still here.
    Well, I can't tell you what you could get for your system for sure, but for what it's worth, I was able to get $375 on for acustom-built machine with the following specs:

    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (32-bit for comparison's sake)
    WD 120GB PATA HD
    1GB DDR400 RAM
    geForce4 Ti4600 Video
    DVD-RW 16x
    CD-RW 48X
    Xterasys 802.11b PCI card (Wi-Fi)
    350W PSU

    I forget what motherboard was installed but it had built-in 5-channel audio, a decent chipset, ethernet, 4 USB (no firewire), etc. I did not sell this with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or anything other than the computer itself and a power cable. It didn't even have an OS installed, nor did I include a copy of Windows.

    Hope that gives you some idea. :)
  4. beatsme macrumors 65816


    Oct 6, 2005
    that would've been my suggestion, actually. Just put it on eBay. I wouldn't take less than about $250 for it, though...

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