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Discussion in 'iPad' started by bensiddall123, Sep 17, 2012.

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    :apple:Im going on holiday to Florida in a few weeks time. Im wanting to buy an iPad 2 16GB in Black. In the UK they are £330 but in the US after converting it into Pounds, it turns out to only cost around £255. Could somebody clarify this and is there any added tax that I don't know about?
    I am also aware that it will come with a US charger but is there any other problems I may encounter from buying it over there all the way to syncing my iTunes library with it?
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    You do need to pay for the Florida sales tax, which is not included in the retail price.

    About Florida Sales Tax:

    As to your iTunes account, there is no difference if you bought your iPad in the UK or US.

    Yes, you will need a plug adaptor to convert from the US 2-pronged plug to UK three pin socket.
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    You probably already know this but if you use a credit card you may also get a charge for 'foreign currency'. Pay cash or use a card that doesn't charge transaction fees.
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    You'll pay anywhere from 6 - 7 % sales tax on top of the sales price. Unlike VAT, sales tax is added at time of purchase and varies from location to location even within a state due to local taxes that get added to the state wide tax.

    Given the general lack of discounts for Apple products it may be worthwhile to see what the price is at duty free shops prior to leaving the UK or upon arrival in FL. You might leave a message on FlyerTalk to see what is available where -

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