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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by cbbob, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I'm thinking of buying an iPad. I would like to know if I also have to purchase from AT&T their monthly charge in order to run the iPad. I have an iMac and on that it has wifi so I am told and if I activate it I would be able to use my iPad at home.
    Is this true?
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    Well you can buy the 3G iPad or the WiFi only model.

    If you buy the 3G iPad, you do not have to activate the 3G service if you don't want it. It works on a month by month basis. So if you want it one month, go into the settings app and activate it. Then if you decide you don't need it the next month, go and turn it off. Very simple.
    More info here

    If you do have WiFi, you don't need a 3G iPad unless you want to get internet access in places other than your home or other places with WiFi.

    Does that help answer your questions?
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    1) iPad model=> use at home, library, motel, Starbucks, down the street, where-ever there is a wifi network (that functions right).

    2) 3g+wifi +> also have the option of using cellular network. No contract. Just need to get a SIM and pay month by month (in advance) if you want to use the cellular.


    Yes, but the GPS/location servies might be something that someone wants, even if they use an App that installs all the maps.

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