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    Hi all I'm new and looking to buy a new Iphone well a 4s or 5c, sorry if in wrong section.

    My question is if i buy one of ebay that is used is there sim locked to their phone? so when i get it i have to go and get it unlocked so my sim can work? i will be using ee because thats what my sim is now.

    Thanks Mat
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    You need an unlocked one.
    Do not buy a locked iPhone thinking you can just unlock it yourself.
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    there is just way too many phones on eBay with activation lock on, i would never tell a first time buyer to a used one from eBay. i do not understand why eBay is allowed to list stolen phones. as far as i am concerned if that seller does not know how to turn off activation lock, that phone is stolen and for some reason , eBay is allowed to get away with it

    in my recent shopping experience i had to pay at least $180 to get an iPhone that does not have activation lock

    i think your best bet is YES buy an unlocked phone !! but buy one from, they check the Serial Numbers / IMEI / MEID, that way you know the phones are good to go

    once you pay for the phone you are given the IMEI / MEID of that phone, and you can check it to make sure its not locked with iCloud

    swappa guarantees that the phone is not blacklisted.

    they don't guarantee it will take another company's sim card though
    thats between you and the seller

    i came across a few eBay sellers that still list there phones as "AT&T" even though they are not locked

    when in doubt. buy a VERIZON iPhone 5 or higher
    don't buy a verizon 4s. i made that mistake recently i cancelled the transaction 1 minute later and the seller was cool with it

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