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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Logan104, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Dec 16, 2009
    All right so to all you buyers and sellers of Apple products I have a question. I am new in the business and I am working with a supplier right now who by himself sells alot of units easily. How he does it is simple he asks for a PO then he allows the buyer to inspect the units via live webcam before he then requires a down payment for them to pick up or ship to. He told me that if I brought him any buyers he would give me a commission per unit. So I went out and advertised and have found some luck in finding buyers however and this is the question none of my buyers are willing to put down a down payment without seeing the units in person. So I know alot of buyers who have their own warehouses and store fronts so my question is how do I as a supplier make the buyer trust me?

    For all of you who are going to go wow who would trust a scam artist please wait a second and think. I have talked with and seen the suppliers other buyers and have been there when they receive the stock so unless there is a huge million dollar scam going on for a louzy couple hundred grand I know my supplier can deliver.

    So as you see I need some help as I have buyers who will purchase ipods, itouchs and iphones but I always run into the same problem that the supplier and buyer cannot agree to terms. A little guidance would be great in navigating.
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    Putting aside the possibility of this being a scam for a moment, what I don't understand is why those buyers were unwilling to supply a deposit first. Whenever I buy something online (from Amazon or some big operator like that) I have to give them my credit card number. Granted, they don't bill me until it ships.

    On the other hand, your guy is not one of the big operators and is probably trying to save his behind. Supplying a deposit first probably gives him the confidence to send the device out.

    If your guy is offering deeper discounts than anyone else out there, the deposit thing may be worth the "risk".

    Personally, I like the confidence I get from buying from a big operator. Fortunately, I can afford to pay a little more for that.
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    Even though you say it's not a scam, it sounds like one. Simply put.

    You say that he shows the buyers the goods via live webcam? What kind of supplier does this in any line of business? This would worry me into thinking that he is amatuer and not a legitimate supplier.
    One way to prove how trust worthy you or the supplier is, would be for you to put down the deposit for the new buyers or waive it for the first sale. But after that they have to pay it.

    Alternatively to that, if they don't want to pay the deposit they simply don't get the goods. Any supplier who's policies are set wont alter them just because someone doesn't like them. Just refuse the business. There's plenty more people out there willing to do it.

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