Buying apple care on a slightly used mac?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by tigress666, May 16, 2010.

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Ok, sorry if this wasn't the right forum, it seemed like the best fit for this question (or the macbook pro forum as it is a macbook pro I am considering).

    So, if I bought a macbook pro on craigslist that the guy says (and I'd verify using seriel number) that it was just bought literally this monday (apparently he's already decided he does not like OSX) would apple let me buy applecare for it?

    I know they let the original buyer buy apple care within a year of purchase. But would they let some one who bought it off the original buyer do so? And if so, would they have stipulations (like they do if one wanted to transfer an applecare warranty already bought to some one).

    Just wondering if I wanted apple care if it would be better to buy one that already had it (or new off of Apple) or if I could just hopefully find a good deal and use the money saved to buy an applecare policy (sadly, after my current mac, I see the reason for it. Doesn't speak well for how well I think my current macbook has fared :( ).
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    Dec 10, 2008
    AppleCare goes with the machine, not with the buyer, so yes, you can buy AppleCare for it
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    Nov 27, 2008
    yeah apple care is tied to the machine not to the specific user.
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    Yes, Applecare is tied to the machine, not the user. You can buy it at any time up until the end of the first year, but at no time after that. I strongly recommend that you get it (I have it on my MBP).

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    Dec 12, 2008
    I'd ask for a copy of the original receipt. People always say AppleCare goes with the machine, but that's not 100% correct all the time. There is a process for transferring the AppleCare warranty, I've done it many times when selling Macs. Basically you fill out a form, send it in, and then it apparently goes into a vacuum, because I have machines on my account that I sold well over a year ago.

    Though, I have noticed Apple is far more lenient on service with machines that were purchased at an Apple Store or on the website.

    I ran into Apple denying a claim for me on an Air (a torn layer in the display), they denied to service it because I didn't have an original receipt, and since I had bought it from somebody, I had no receipt. This was on a machine with the first year warranty. (This is where my fear of buying any Apple product with a display started, their replacement policy is less-than-stellar.)

    So, just be aware that it CAN happen, but probably won't most of the time. But just know, when they say in the documentation, "Keep your Plan Confirmation document and the original sales receipt for your Covered Equipment and your Plan." they mean it.

    I'd also be curious why the person doesn't return it to where he bought it. That right there tells me it was not purchased at an Apple Store.
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    Well, that wasn't quite my question (he didn't have apple care for his).

    My question was buying a used mac that didn't have apple care and buying apple care afterwards.

    I ended up asking some one at the apple store and he said long as the computer is less than a year old, I could buy applecare for it.

    And yeah, I wonder where he did buy it cause he claims he bought it Monday and decided he hates OSX already (personally, I think the guy needs to learn how to make better purchases. If he only used it for a few hours and decided he hated it he either needed to play with it more before buying, give it more time since it was a new thing to get adjusted before deciding if he hated it, or realized he didn't want to put any effort into learning a new system not buy a completely different computer. And yeah, one wonders why he doesn't return it (I know Best Buy and Fry's, two places around here that sell Macs, would return it in that short time). I decided against buying his cause he wont' come down in price (in fact I can find a place I can buy it new for cheaper than what he asks) and I'd rather just buy it new (he wants 1150, I want to pay 1000 cause if it has been opened I don't want to pay more than 100 less than what I could get it new).

    I already researched buying a mac that applecare had been bought for it. Sounds kinda complicated. Sounds just as iffy as just buying applecare off ebay (and I could get that cheap off ebay. Found a seller that has 100% good feedback and has sold several of the applecare packets).

    And yeah, Best Buy taught me not to buy extended warranties (don't get me started. Put it this way, it's been 8 years or so since the incident and I still won't give them a dime of my money). But, after my last macbook I can easily see the value :( (crappiest quality Mac I've had yet. Some great ergonomics and thought put into features, but quality wise... what a disappointment and makes me worry Apple has stopped caring about quality).

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