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    So I have seen a lot of warranty and out of warranty issue threads lately, and so it got me thinking we should have a master warranty thread for everyone.

    1st! know thy warranty!

    Apple is already recognized as one of the best companies in computer service but even now and then we see threads counting horrible stories with apple geniuses or applecare representatives.

    Here i will show the basics of the Apple limited 1 year warranty(taken directly from the apple website).

    a) Apple, as defined below, warrants it's Apple-branded hardware product against defects in
    materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ONE (1) YEAR
    from the date of retail purchase.

    2) If a hardware defect arises and a valid
    claim is received within the Warranty Period, at its option and to the extent permitted by law, Apple will
    either (1) repair the hardware defect at no charge, using new or parts equivalent to new in performance and
    reliability, (2) exchange the product with a product that is new or equivalent to new in performance and
    reliability and is at least functionally equivalent to the original product, or (3) refund the purchase price of
    the product.

    c) Apple may request that you replace defective parts with new or refurbished user-installable
    parts that Apple provides in fulfillment of its warranty obligation
    . A replacement product or part, including
    a user-installable part that has been installed in accordance with instructions provided by Apple, assumes
    the remaining warranty of the original product or ninety (90) days from the date of replacement or repair,
    whichever provides longer coverage for you.

    Terms when not covered under warranty :(

    a) This Limited Warranty applies only to hardware products manufactured by or for Apple that can be
    identified by the “Apple” trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to them.

    b) The Limited Warranty does not
    apply to any non-Apple hardware products or any software, even if packaged or sold with Apple hardware.

    c) Apple does not warrant that the operation of the product will be uninterrupted or error-free. Apple is not
    responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the product’s use.

    d) This warranty does not apply: (a) to consumable parts, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to
    a defect in materials or workmanship; (b) to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents
    and broken plastic on ports; (c) to damage caused by use with non-Apple products; (d) to damage caused
    by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes; (e) to damage caused by
    operating the product outside the permitted or intended uses described by Apple; (f) to damage caused by
    service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Apple or
    an Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”); (g) to a product or part that has been modified to alter
    functionality or capability without the written permission of Apple; or (h) if any Apple serial number has
    been removed or defaced.

    Now things that werent mentioned on the apple documents:

    Apple's warranty runs through it's serial numbers on the units, not your name when you bought your computer or applecare extension agreement.
    what does this mean? always have the original serial number with you. if you get your logic board replaced ( and not serialized ) and at the same time you lose your apple serial number sticker on the computer that means your warranty gone forever.

    Other points of interest to consider when going to take service on apple stores and reseller service centers:

    Apple certified technicians have to pass through a service excellence program and at the same time they love their job and will do what ever is in their realm to help you, but remember that when an Apple tech and the manager say no, it's no since they already know they wont be able to pass through warranty the part that are damaged in your computer unless they pay directly from their own wallets.

    Apple has a knowledge base full of articles where technicians and repair center managers have all of the information about extensions programs, warranty classifications and non warranty classifications. so there's no way you are going to fool the genius, unless he want to help you secretly (I have done this myself).

    Apple while not give vocal word on repair extensions programs for certain issues unless its something that was given away through an internet article or apple puts it up in their support pages. perfect example: Nvidia graphics issue, it was only going to be activated when techs found issues related to the video card described by apple under the service manuals. In itself the Nvidia graphics issue is not a recall for all MBP with 2.2 or 2.4ghz chips and Nvidia 8600Gt's, and never was. The knowledge of its existence is because it was spilled though the internet and apple had to act in a way to look responsible for its costumers.

    Apple staff are encouraged and obligated to act as if they do not know any defect on their products, even when the costumer asks about a specific issue. If indeed this issue is acknowledge and permitted by the apple under an extended warranty or a repair program the apple cert techs will replace the defective part and maybe even surprise you with a replacement you did not even know you needed in other parts of your computer.

    Repair and extension programs from the past up until now:


    1)Expanded iBook Logic Board
    2)15-inch PowerBook G4 Display
    3)PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz) Memory Slot Repair Extension Program
    4) iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues
    5) iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Power Supply Issues
    6) macbook battery extension program

    Active programs that we know of:
    1)eMac Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues
    2) Power Mac G5 Repair Extension Program for Power Supply Issues
    3) Nvidia graphic procesor issues

    Know ipod warranties:

    iPod warranties follow the same apple warranty for computers except ipod have to pass through a visual screening before being admitted for repairs.


    • Failures due to defects in materials and workmanship
    • Single hairline cracked LCD or cover (except if there is enclosure damage
    • Damage caused by battery swelling
    • Damage caused by shipping
    • Dents within acceptable specifications

    All of this is under the first year of warranty only!

    Not covered under warranty:
    Dented enclosure
    Damage or failure caused by oxidation or liquid
    Multiple cracks in LCD or cover
    Any corrosion or physical damage in the Dock Connector port
    Separated case or in pieces
    Mismatched serial numbers

    Also if unit has it's liquid sensor turned on then everything that happens to the unit will be attributed to liquid damage and you will lose your warranty. so remember never get your precious ipod wet.

    Other issues known here but not acknowledged by apple:

    In this case other forum members have recalled "defective" issues when they brake their hinges or dent their macbook ad the components in the area of the dent or close by are damaged or broken. These are not design flaws by any means and will not be covered under apple warranty to my full knowledge and any other cert tech.

    Other issues reported here are horizontal lines on macbook screens. These ones are also not design flaws, just errors of mass production back in china that are not seen until the computer are unpackaged, remember that apple does not make the LCD or LED display, they buy it from LG, like also their batteries are made by Sony, so all apple product have a probability of being defective like any other mass produced product in the world and any way if apple products were perfect then geniuses and repair centers would not exist now wouldn't they?

    I Hope this helps when trying to deal with apple warranties. I will continue to update this post and even add new stuff as time frees up in my college schedule. Any criticism and advice is welcomed in order to make a better post :)

    P.S. if you find any grammatical errors let me know in order to correct them, since english is not my first language and I proof read this very fast in order to go to sleep :eek:

    Hope this helps!
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    Apple repaired my power port when there was clearly scratches around it. (caused by a screw in a computer case at the bottom)
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    Warranty on exchange

    The story:
    I had a MacPro first generation 2.66GHz quad. It had recurrent problem since december 2008 and got motherboard changed 3 times. It was bought in March 2007 and was on AppleCare. All my Apple products these last 7 years have been on AppleCare, and ALL had major issues after the one year warranty so I always get AppleCare. After negociations with an Apple customer service representative, providing serial numbers of all my present and past machines and pushing for a fair exchange it was approved and I was forwarded to a technician (with some decision power) to negotiate the actual exchange: what will I get? I managed to negotiate to have an 8-core 2.66Ghz 2009 MacPro for 2 reasons linked to my Photoshop work on very large files: first the quad-core accepted only 8GB, officially, and that was not enough for my needs; second, the base 8-cores model was 2.26GHz and as Photoshop is mainly non a multiprocessing app, as of today, going down from 2.66 to 2.26 would theoricaly give me a less powerful machine, for my specific work. My arguments went through, I got the 8-core 2.66GHz and paid for 2 upgrades only: 16GB ram and the ATI4870 GPU. Nice deal.

    The question:
    -the customer rep says the new machine carries on the warranty of the one it was exchanged with, so until March 2010 that is the end of the AppleCare. That sounds logic to me and was expecting it.
    -The tech who took care of me for most of the necociations and arrangments is absolutely positive that the new machine I received has its own serial number and the warranty for it starts from delivery, goes for one year and is extendable to 3 years with a new AppleCare. As a matter of fact if I checked warranty status on Apple support web site and it says so, but it doesn't say either that it is an exchange deal.

    So who should I believe?

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