Buying Apple Watch in the airport (UK)

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by appledrone, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. appledrone macrumors regular

    Jun 6, 2008
    Devon, UK
    Hi All, I'm flying out to the USA next month and looking to get a 42mm sport, even including the local sales tax it works out at £276 (I'll take my chances with customs on the way home ;-) - significantly less than the UK £349 price tag. I was wondering though, has anyone seen them for sale at heathrow airport duty free? I know dixons travel sell them but their web site is showing £329 - that discount isnt even close to VAT free let alone duty free. Can anyone advise? cheers
  2. nicho macrumors 68020

    Feb 15, 2008
    isn't it way under your duty free allowance of £390 anyway, unless you're planning to buy lots of them.

    and fyi, buying it in the airport duty free and taking it to america and then bringing it back again, would be just the same to the customs officers as having bought it in america and brought it back.

    i'd just get it there (as long as you're ok with having a US plug instead of a UK one)
  3. davygee macrumors member

    Oct 9, 2015
    Saltcoats, UK
    You should be fine with Customs as you are allowed quite a bit back into the country. The UK price is £339 for the 42mm Sport, so if you can get it for £276 inclusive of local sales tax thats good saving you over £60. You should look into the bands while in the States as well. I was originally gonna pick up the Milanese Loop for $160 approx (inclusive of local tax) which comes in at £103 compared to the £129 UK price, but ended up getting a ML clone online for £17 instead.
  4. shandyman Suspended

    Apr 24, 2010
    Dublin, Ireland
    I bought my first iPad in the US, and brought it back to the UK, I had it out of the packaging, so I could use it on the plane, with the packaging in my hold luggage. No issues with customs or anything.

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