Buying AppleCare+ for iPhone 6S? Should I?


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Jan 2, 2012
I have 60 days to buy it & the timeframe is almost up. I was going to buy it as it was £79, except when i called up today it's actually £109.

As the lady ran through what it did & didn't cover REALLY quickly, it sounded like what i'd maybe want it for, it doesn't actually cover.

I also don't really like how it's for 2 years from purchase. Would be better if it was for 2 years after the initial 12 month warranty, but nothing I can do about that.

Really, is it worth it? The £109 on a £619 phone?

£728 on a mobile is quite an amount, especially since after 2 years or so the battery starts to become so terrible you need to, oh wait ........... spend another £500-£700.


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Nov 25, 2009
Edmonton, AB
There's been multiple other threads showing the financial breakdown. Only you can decide if it's worth it. But keep in mind... Apple offers AC+ because it makes money for THEM.

Not sure about your last paragraph, though... Even if your battery did die after two years (which is a false assumption to make, IMHO), you can have the battery replaced fairly cheaply. It does not have to be a reason to buy a new phone.



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Aug 12, 2014
This is something that only you can decide for yourself. Many feel that it isn't worth the cost. I personally like having Apple Care + on my 6S Plus since it is something I carry with me everywhere and there are always unexpected things that can happen. I never know when or if I'll ever use it, but at least I know I'm covered for 2 years.


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Sep 7, 2007
Keep in mind that these insurances you can pay 10 bucks a month for with the telecom provider are bit .. scammy .. in my opinion. They always say everything is covered up to one or two incidents per contract year or whatever. Such as being stupid and dropping it in the toilet and they replace it. However, all I read online are people coming in and saying ' I paid for the insurance, here's my broken phone please replace it ' /.. and then there's a reason for them not to do so and you pay hundreds for a replacement phone or simply having to buy a new one. I just don't believe telecom providers, sorry.
AppleCare I do trust, but of course it is just warrenty. If they sold you a product that has an issue because of how they built it, and you find this during that period you have AppleCare it will be covered. Dropping it in the toilet isn't covered - nor is theft, etc. There are enough examples though if you come in with a smile and not with attitude and it's something they believe is worth repairing at no cost, they might just swap the phone or repair it + other faults they find, at no cost. The support you get when you have AppleCare is detailed, compared to just having basic support. So I think it's worth getting - but it is expensive in my opinion. I can't afford it, and I still don't have it .. and I really want it.