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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ifjake, May 14, 2009.

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    i know this is probably a common concern, but i couldn't figure out the right search parameters in order to find a previous post.

    i'm going to be purchasing a new laptop soon, and while it doesn't have to the be latest and greatest thing, i do want to make sure i get the most for my money. when i first got my Titanium powerbook they ended up releasing the Aluminum version a little less than a month later, and since it was my first Mac and i was new to the whole Apple thing, i didn't even realize i had missed out until 6 months later. by then all it was was "oh well". but now i do know better, and if i were to get a computer only for an upgrade to be released within the month, i'd be kinda pissed. does Apple have any sort of policy where they'll either let you swap it out for a new one, return it for purchased price, or refund the difference if they release a new model in a certain period of time after you purchase the previous model?
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    The time-frame is 2 weeks, if I remember correctly.
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    Apr 13, 2009
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    I bought a macbook from the Apple store in Regent Street in early 2008, five days after I bought it they made a minor upgrade to the macbook spec's (better processor and double the RAM for the same price).

    I phoned customer services to ask if there was anything that I could do to get the newer model and was told that as long as it was less than fourteen days old I could return it to the Apple store for a full refund and get myself one of the new machines.

    Not sure what their policy is outside of the UK though.
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    Apple's return policy is now moot for me. After searching around it seems the best place to get a new computer without any custom build stuff is from Amazon. It's like 200 bucks cheaper and I avoid my state's 9 and 3/4 percent tax. Problem is Amazon's policy only applies to unopened electronics. Oh and there's a 10% restocking fee. Oh well, bite the bullet. I end up saving a little under 500 dollars even if Apple does decide to release an update.
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    There is a 10% charge if you have opened the box.

    You must return it within 14 days unopened (free) or opened which again, will result in a 10% charge.

    Wait until WWDC to see if there is any price drops, spec bumps or more - probably not but worth the wait.

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