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    Oct 12, 2008

    As many here, i'm a student. I need a budget-friendly monochrome laserjet as my inkjet is costing me too much.

    I already found something very interesting: the Brother HL-2270DW

    Duplexing (=printing both sides) I ALWAYS print both sides, so this would be a real time saver for me.
    Black & white
    and as an added bonus it is able to connect through WIFI so I would be able to put it wherever I wanted to.

    On newegg, it costs 90$. In europe the bloody thing costs 210€ on amazon in Germany, while it's only 150$ in the U.S.. Cough cough

    My question:
    -Does anyone know a cheap company that has these and ships to europe? Or another place where I can find these on the cheap? In case it matters, the shipping would be to Belgium or Germany.
    -Or, does anyone know another cheap monochrome laserjet at around 120€ with duplexing and wifi?

    I've been searching for the last 2 days so I would be ever so grateful for any kind of help!
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    Doubt it

    My sister lives in Spain and bitches about how everything is more expensive then when she used to live over here. It's more expensive for companies to do business in Europe and your prices include vat.
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    Now you know how we feel when we see how cheap stuff is in the US. :)
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    Yea, I know... But I mean it's MORE THAN DOUBLE the price.
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    I live in Poland where for example Apple stuff is even more expensive than in UK or Ireland for that matter.
    So believe me, I can understand your pain ;)

    The only tip I may have is to search eBay.

    E.g. I came across a seller from US who is able to send some items from UK, therefore EU citizens don't pay tax or duty. How he's able to move things from US to UK and still make money out of it is his worry not mine ;)
    I guess (and I'm serious) he works in diplomatic corpus.
    There are even eBayers who specialize in selling goods from US to Europe, and know some tricks how to avoid duty and taxes. Some of them even guarantee if you're to pay the duty they will cover it.

    Another tip, may not work for Brother printer, though - get a student or a teacher and ask them to buy stuff for you with EDU discount.

    I got my iMac from UK, my brother studied there and his academy had even bigger discounts than officially announced by Apple. Including UPS to Poland I paid approx. the same price as in US and roughly 65% of the price in Poland at that time!

    Yes, the world is not fair! :cool:
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    The cheapest way to buy electronics is currently by buying them directly from Asian online shops.

    There are a lot of asian online stores, that sell electronics without a known brand name, but with good hardware.Most popular consumer electronics are nowadays phones and tablets
    You can find all kinds of electronics on Asian online shops, from low- to top of the range products. Usually the price is 40-60% cheaper.
    The famous brands manufacture their products in Asia, so the locals are learning the technology and are copying it pretty good. Just they can manufacture a lot cheaper with lower local salaries and without the cost of advertising and brand development.

    Our regular retail stores also sell alot of products, because they originate from a long chain of resellers. Every reseller adds alittle to the price to make profit and the retail store ads alot to pay for all the salaries and rent for keeping up the store. These products are usually cheaper electronic accessories like cables, usb products, electrical equipment etc. Buying these products directly from Asia can nerf the price up to 50%. Most of these Asian online stores are wholesalers also, so they only operate a warehouse and a webpage to ship certain products all over the world. This can keep the price down to the end consumer.

    You can check out
    That site has information, like reviews, ratings, user experiences and discussions, regarding asian websites for cheap products.
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