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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by dazzer21, Dec 31, 2010.

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    I haven't really given this much thought before now. However, I was playing around with some of the items in the Safari Extensions Gallery and found an automatic currency converter. So comparing the prices in the UK store and then the converted prices in the US store, the difference on a base Mac Pro is about £300!! Would it be a good idea to import a machine from the US store? My guess us that the power supply should work OK and would only need a different shaped plug on it - how much of my £300 saving would I realistically see?
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    US price does not include sales tax while UK price includes VAT. Shipping Mac Pro from US to UK isn't cheap either plus you will likely have to pay some sort of customs fees so in the end, it might cost you more.
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    And Apple won't let you buy a Mac in the US store and ship it to the UK; they will tell you to buy from the UK store. You'd still have to pay VAT or import duty plus shipping.
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    We Canadians feel your pain. Our dollar is at parity with the US$, yet prices for Macs are $50 to $150 more here than in the US. The irony is that the usual argument - the inventory was bought months ago when the CDN$ was worth less - doesn't hold up here. At least for refurbished products, the Mac ships from the US - so it's coming out of US inventory.

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