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Nov 11, 2014
Hello all,
i would like to buy from a us store with my international card and shipped it to a real us adress(friend of mine that later will bring it to me)...
I read somewhere that i need change my visa's adress to the one in us and this should work...
Does anyone did it recently and can confire that this is true?And if not are there are other ways to buy it from there?(currently western's and paypal's currency rates are way over the top that's why I don;t want to send the money to him)
Thank you in advance


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Apr 19, 2012
I don't know how to change your address with Visa.

Last time I had to do this, my parents used their international credit card in person in the US store to buy a gift card (Max $2000). Then we used the gift card to buy online at (we needed to buy a customize macbook, hence why we needed to buy online). The laptop was then delivered to an US address or an apple store.

hope that helps.


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Oct 12, 2014
Hi Imma

I've bought 3 iPhones with my VISA international card and all I had to do was to set the billing address as "same as shipping"during the checkout process.

The phones were sent to a Hotel in NYC where I picked them up.

The iPhone 6 arrived 5 days before the estimated delivery time.
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