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Discussion in 'iPad' started by i-sidd, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I am thinking of getting the ipad wither 1 or 2 so kindly educate me on a few things.

    I have iphone 3g and iphone 4 and a macbook, will ipad be redundant?
    I have movies stored on my external hard-drive will I be able to play them without having to install them in the ipad, same with music? if so how? and then is a 32gb good enough space if all the above can be done without having them on the ipad.

    Do u think I can get the ipad without the 3g and use my iphone to teether. i don't know exactly how its done or how fast this process will be?

    for now these are the few questions I have, if I remember anything else I will come back to ask you guys.

    ipad gurus shower your wisdom.........:):):)
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    Nothing is ever redundant when it comes to gadgets and computers. At least not to me.

    The first thing I'd do is go to the Apple website and click on the iPad 2 tab. There is a lot of good information right there. The next thing I'd do is watch the streaming video of the Apple iPad 2 presentation. Again, lots of your questions on Airplay, streaming, etc... will be answered by just doing those two things. If you still can't find your answers, come back here.

    Hope that helps.
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    I have an i4 and an iPad and I have never found them to be redundant. I use my iPad for many different things that I do not use my i4 for. If anything, I use my iPad more for consumption than I do my MBP now.

    Yes you can stream your music and video from your computer to your iPad. However, you may not always be in a situation where you can stream, thus you will need content on your iPad. I think a 32GB is perfect size.

    Well there is a couple of ways that this can be done. First, you can jailbreak your iPhone and install an application called MyWi. It's a great little app that turns your iPhone into a wireless hub where you can connect multiple devices and tether your connection. Another way, which no doubt costs more, is to wait for Personal Hotspot to be released in an iOS update and pay for it through AT&T. Rumors coming out today on pricing for that service.

    Hope that helps!
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    I saw the apple event and wanted to know if there is a way to access movies, music from your home computer and stream those on ipad 2 remotely through home sharing. Is this possible?

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