Buying MacBook keyboard replacement in Japan. Japanese key configuration no problem??

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by patent10021, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I bought a 2007 white Macbook in Canada and I want to replace the keyboard here in Japan. As you know the case comes with the keyboard all-in-one.

    I think everything should connect just fine as there is only one ribbon cable to the cpu but the keyboards here have their keys in a slightly different configuration for Japanese language. Actually they look like pretty much the same placement except the bottom character switching keys to the left and right of the spacebar which is also smaller.

    I'm thinking because my OS is Japanese that I could go ahead with the install and that the configuration of the Japanese keys might even be better since I type with Japanese on and the OS is native Japanese.

    After all it's only software right? Should I go ahead and buy it? It's so cheap and it would make my Macbook look brand new again as I have chips on my current keyboard. I'll also be buying a fan since mine is almost shot.

    Here's a pic of the keyboard and the site of Sanwa manufacturer.


    EDIT: I noticed that the Sanwa website says that the keyboard is good for models MA254J/A、MA255J/A、MA472J/A.

    My model is one of MA699LL/A or MB061LL/A. On other computer parts websites Sanwa's models and my model seem to be basically the same. I'm wondering if this keyboard will be ok.
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    You won't have problems if the layout of all the F1...F12 keys is the same. If your MB has the iTunes controls in F7..F9 then your replacement topcase needs to have that.
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    iTunes controls? Sounds like the newer Santa Rosa macbooks and not the original duo core Macbooks. I opened iTunes and pressed the fn+F7, F8 & F9 keys and nothing happened so I guess I'm good to go as long as the fn keys match you're saying?

    I was thinking again that the Japanese keyboard will definitely be better than my English keyboard because with the English keyboard you have to click key combos for various Japanese language settings. Since the Japanese keyboard is made for the OS I'm actually using, the language quick keys are to the left and right of the smaller space bar as I was mentioning above. I think it will actually be a much better keyboard to have (for me).
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