Buying New iMac/MacPro/MBP 17 Need Advice

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jfriedman8, Jan 7, 2009.

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    So like many of us, I was planning on getting a new iMac after MW, but things happen. Clearly, there are new Mini's/ iMac's/ Mac Pro's due out and they will come, but the new MBP 17 has given me a new dilemma. I travel between school and home about 3/4 times a year and when I'm home, its usually for 2+ weeks at a time. I was planning on having 3 computers after MW to be these iMac/Mac Pro, My Current Unibody MBP15, and my EEEPC. I enjoy using OSX much more than Vista, but in no way am I an anti-windows guy, so now I have been thinking about this: Dell Studio Slim (Maxed out with the current 25% off coupon), MBP 17 (to use as a portable desktop when I'm home, but still have my massive music/ movie collection when I want to bring it somewhere), and a MBA or some other ultra portable (take to class daily). Money is not really an issue since the MBP 17 would be a gift. My only drawback here is that the 17 is a big machine. I love the Hi Res screen, especially if its the same quality as my Unibody 15. I think I may just wait it out to get a Quad Core iMac (would love this so I can sell my monitor, plus it's just simple and easy) or new MacPro, but man I am sick of waiting. Just curious what anyone thinks. Any help is appreciated.
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    You can always connect an external display to a smaller MacBook for the same effect. If you're really feeling crazy and affluent (which you clearly are if you're considering buying a $2800 computer), you can pick up a LED Cinema Display for the purpose.

    The iMac is extremely portable. Not quite so much so as a 17" MacBook, obviously, but enough that it can be easily ported 3-4 times a year.
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    I'm not dragging an iMac on a plane from St. Paul, MN to NYC, so that's out of the question and I already have a nice Gateway display, so no to the overpriced LED Display. If I'm getting a 17" laptop, thats big enough for me to not need a monitor with it. I need a desktop for the power it will provide for video encoding. 1 laptop is not an option.

    It's more of a question of getting a new MBP 17 and a Dell Studio Desktop, or waiting for a new iMac/ Mac Pro (whatever I buy must have a Quad Core or i7 since I do a ton of video encoding). I already have a MBP 15, so it's not like if I wait, I'll only have a desktop. I like having 2/3 computers since I somehow manage to get fairly equal use out of them.

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