Buying now or wait for black friday


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Oct 23, 2017
San Jose
Deal news has a Macbook pro 13 2017 model (128 ssd) deal for $1100 (200 off msrp) Should i get it or wait for black friday? Pc user looking to switch to mac.


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Oct 24, 2013
I'd buy now by all reports black Friday will be a washout this year and apple would give less of a discount by previous years evidence at between 6 and 10%.


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Jan 30, 2009
Looks like the same price as Apple offers a refurbished model, so that's a good deal. If you want a computer now, buy it.


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Jan 23, 2017
There's no real reason to wait IMO because Apple products do not go on sale with the same predictability as most other items. Chances are you will find some sort of Black Friday sale, but chances are also that it will be limited monetary savings, or it might be a non-monetary promotion (such as free headphones.) Getting $200 off the base price of the base model is pretty solid - $300 is arguably outstanding for a current year model. The only exception to the above would be if Apple were to update the lineup within the next month, where the 2017 might then see some blowout pricing - and, while Apple is not very predictable in their release schedule, this seems pretty unlikely at this point.

If this is your first Apple laptop, it may be worth noting that the 128 GB size SSD has the potential to fill up really fast if you plan to keep any sizable amount of videos, pictures, or music files on the local machine's drive.

If buying from a non-Apple Authorized Reseller, be sure to verify that the unit's warranty has not already begun (i.e., when you check the warranty status, it should show a full 12 months instead of less than 12 months remaining.) (Further, there are some Apple Authorized Resellers that offer this tier MBP for $125-250 discounts with some degree of regularity, such as Best Buy and Micro Center.)
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