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    so i'm looking to buy some software (relatively pricey stuff like PS, after effects, etc). anyways, i was curious if anyone had any experience with buying previous versions of software after it's been updated. e.g. buying after effects 5 now that 6.5 is out, or PS 7 now that there's CS (soon to be CS2)...? is there a reliable outlet for these things online? is it feasible, license/registration wise, to buy these things used from other people?

    basically i want to have the software's primary functionality for less price and don't necessarily need the latest and greatest.

    if anyone has experience with doing this, please let me know what your experience has been, etc. thanks!

    edit: so i've looked a bit... but haven't found a place that i would consider reliable. buying "used' software for a discount from an individual (e.g. amazong marketplace, etc) seems sketchy because of the ease of piracy there, but i haven't seen a "retail" store that sells old versions? is this a pipe dream? is there any legitimacy to be had in buying used or old versions? thanks!
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    Hi, for the most part if I buy "used" or old software it's from friends or family, some of them have to buy new programs for their type of work. Also since I'm in collage I look for students (or talk to the teachers) who want to upgrade their software and buy from them but only if it's legal software. Then at times I look around here at some past threads or new ones and see what some want for their stuff.
    Yeah it's tough to say really where to get legal, good quality programs that have been used but hope some of ideas I have help :)

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