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    Dec 16, 2010
    The second major release of BuzzE is now available on the App Store.

    BuzzE is a proximity based social networking app that lets you interact and make friends with other people in your area and helps you
    find fun things to do with thousands of local event listings.

    The original version included chat, virtual gift giving, in app games, and event listings

    We added some cool new features to the second version including

    Picture exchange (share pictures with other users)
    Offline push (send messages to other users after they have gone offline)
    Event filtering (filter events by type ie live music, sports etc)

    We are having a happy hour tonight between 8pm and 10pm central time. Download the app for free hop on and meet some cool people. You will
    also earn an in app gift only available for users who join us for happy hour tonight.

    You can download BuzzE for free today here

    Also check out our demo video
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    Dec 16, 2010
    BuzzE version 2.2 Just Released On App Store!

    We just released the new version of BuzzE on the App Store today. BuzzE is a proximity based social networking app that lets users meet and
    make friends with other users nearby and find interesting social events in their area

    We are offering free downloads and you can give it a spin from the App Store at the link below


    The old BuzzE was loaded with cool features including local chat, icebreaker games, virtual gift exchange and listings for hundreds of thousands of social events across the United States

    The new BuzzE adds

    Picture exchange
    Video clip exchange
    Audio exchange
    In chat audiocons (emoticons with fun sounds attached)

    We are really excited about the new features embedded within chat and think BuzzE is the coolest and most feature rich social networking app out there. Yes we are a bit biased but hope you will give it a spin and see for yourself.

    If you want a quick overview feel free to check out our video on youtube

    There are also some screen shots on our facebook page

    and at our website
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    Dec 16, 2010
    Seeking beta testers

    We are looking to add some additional beta testers for the next version of BuzzE. Beta testers get a free early look at the new software and in exchange we are just looking for some honest feedback and for you to report any problems you are having.

    If anyone is interested we have a minor release in beta right now that adds some small but handy new features like the ability to email forward video and audio messages.

    You can sign up at testflight if you would like to join our beta program. The url is below

    Appreciate everyone's thoughts and feedback.
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    Dec 16, 2010
    BuzzE 2.4 now available. A new option for unhappy facebook users!

    BuzzE version 2.4 is now available in the iPhone App Store. BuzzE is a free proximity based social networking tool that helps people meet and make friends with people in their neighborhood or around the world. BuzzE is not a typical dating oriented app. It is designed for smart witty people who are more interested in having cool conversations than asking for ASL and bathing suit pics. We bill it as a perv free chat app because of our zero tolerance policies towards abusive users.

    Main features:

    • Chat with other users including exchanging pictures, video, and audio
    • Send virtual gifts to friends new or old
    • Get to know other users with ice breaker games that act as conversation starters
    • Find local social events among hundreds of thousands of event listings.

    2.4 adds status post commenting as our latest big feature. Not only can you post comments on other users status messages. You can also include a video, picture or audio clip. For people wanting something that makes socializing fun again with some of the simplicity of the old Facebook this is the app for you.

    Check it out and drop us a note to tell us what you think.

    You can download BuzzE here

    And a couple screen shots below

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    Dec 16, 2010
    BuzzE social networking 2.7 just released

    BuzzE 2.7 is now available on the App Store

    BuzzE is a mobile social community that emphasizes interacting and making new friends in a friendly clean environment. If you want to make friends but don't want the hook up atmosphere of a Skout or are looking for a Facebook alternative this is the app for you. BuzzE is the warmest friendliest mobile community you will find.

    You can download BuzzE free here

    New features:
    ★ Join live conversation streams and talk about music, movies, sports, politics and more with the entire community.

    ★ Travel virtually to almost anywhere in the world and talk with people there. Destinations can be anything from London England to Wrigley Field to Mall of America.

    And the basics:

    ★ Chat with other users from around the corner or around the world.

    ★ Exchange video, audio and pictures!

    ★ Post comments to other user's status posts! Exchange ideas and banter back and forth with the entire BuzzE community about your thought of the day.

    ★ Send virtual gifts to other BuzzE users. Discover and unlock more hidden gifts as you use BuzzE!

    ★ Play BuzzE games to break the ice! “How Hot Are We” lets you compare your interests and views on different topics. After the game, you can talk about why you made your parents cry when you were little or why you would never go to a nude beach!

    ★ Compete for social status by earning stars from other users.

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