Bye Bye PowerBook


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Feb 19, 2003
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I just sold my 17" PB this past weekend:(

D/T a year long struggle with problem after problem on my Isuzu Rodeo I had to bite the bullet and sell the PB to get all of the repairs I needed done (plus get some other things done financially d/t having already spent $1000 on Rodeo repairs in the past year).

-New front rotors (for 3rd time in less than a year)
-New front pads (for 2nd time in less than a year)
-New front bearings (for 2nd time in less than a year)
-Clean and regrease bearings (for 2nd time in less than a year)
-New pins on the break calipers
-Rewiring of turn signals d/t them both coming on anytime used
-New R front wheel sensor (d/t it causing over sensitive ABS which caused me to have one small accident which dented my front R quarter panel)
-New Rear rotors and pads
-New Fuel filter

All in all about $1400 in repairs not counting things that my warranty BETTER cover which are (which will be another $600 or so if my warranty will not cover it):

-a cracked intake manifold gasket
-a faulty fuel sending unit

This Isuzu Rodeo only has 64k miles on it....ahhhhhhhhhhh. Advice to those of you looking at SUV's...........NEVER buy Isuzu!

Sorry for the rant, but I'm packing up my PB as I type here so I'm trying to blow off some steam.

This PB was great! I'll be back when they release the G5 PB's or some dual-core G4 PB's:)


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Jul 28, 2004
Portland, Oregon
I've owned a Trooper for 5 years, which I bought based on good experiences that a few neighbors have had with Isuzus. So far it's been great, and I keep an eye on the isuzus newsgroup to see if any common problems crop up. I'd say your experience is untypical to the point where I'd suspect that something else is wrong. You seem to be having repeated problems with the front end which shouldn't be rocket science to fix - I'd try another dealer or repair shop.
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