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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by R.R.Mac, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Not illegal. I have the username and password for the router.

    Basically, one person should be able to use the wireless router to use facebook and the other should not be able to. I don't particularly want to create accounts for users, instead, due to having the username and password, is there anyway to use that so to get around. I was thinking tunnelling to bypass the firewall. We have the netgear router DG834G.

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    When you say one person, do you mean that one entire computer should not be allowed to access Facebook, or that one user of the same computer shouldn't be able to access it.

    If you want one entire computer prevented, the answer is going to depend on the exact model of router you're using; some allow that level of precision in site blocking, others don't.

    If you just want one person on the computer to not be allowed to access it, then trying to do it at the router is coming at it from the wrong end; what you'd want to do is have a separate user account for each person who uses the computer, and set the access controls on the restricted account to prevent Facebook access. So long as you're consistent about dropping back to the login screen when you're done, the other user won't be able to bypass this.

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