C&C 3: Tiberium Wars - Any Good??

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by ~J~, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. ~J~ macrumors 6502

    Jul 27, 2007
    3rd Rock from the sun
    Hey guys, I usually game on my XBOX360... but anyone who likes RTS games knows that a console is no place for them. So, I am looking for a good RTS to play on my MBP. I saw that EA recently released C&C 3 for OSX, has anyone played it? How does it run in OSX? I have a 15" MBP 2.3 w/2GB RAM. I've never gamed on a Mac before... so I am wondering if it will run smoothly or not. I am also up for suggestions for any other RTS games. Thanks!
  2. yellow Moderator emeritus


    Oct 21, 2003
    Portland, OR
    I have it for the PC. Meh is about all I can say. But I am definitely in the minority.
  3. ~J~ thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 27, 2007
    3rd Rock from the sun
    Oh, and another question... when I upgrade to Leopard next month, will there be any issues?
  4. ~J~ thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 27, 2007
    3rd Rock from the sun
    Could you be a little more descriptive please? What equipment are you running it on? And what do you love about it? How does it run with everything turned all the way up?
  5. CANEHDN macrumors 6502a


    Dec 12, 2005
    Eagle Mountain, UT
    I thinks it's pretty fun. It runs great on my machine. I use it in Bootcamp. It's definitely not Starcraft. It runs pretty good online but can be sluggish at times. The online play is a lot different than Starcraft but still really fun. I recommend buying it.
  6. Chone macrumors 65816


    Aug 11, 2006
    Command & Conquer 3 is a pretty fun game, it has some flaws and some aspects of the game are ridiculous but when you stop nit-picking about its flaws you'll find you'll have a lot of fun with the single player storyline and even more so with the multiplayer component.

    Highly recommend if you have liked any Command & Conquer game ESPECIALLY the first one since CNC3 echoes the first game so much.
  7. TJIrwin macrumors member

    Oct 2, 2006
    London, UK
    Running pretty much perfectly on my MBP despite some people reporting flaws with the cider implimentation. Fun game, useful to pass some time. If you're expecting classic C&C action you'll be pleased.
  8. pprior macrumors 65816

    Aug 1, 2007
    Extremely slow to load, on a MacPro with 4gb RAM (just upgraded to 8gb, but haven't played since upgrade). the patch did improve load times.

    Personally I don't like it when compared to the older C&C - too fast for my taste. Graphically it's nice. I have no idea how it would play on a notebook however.
  9. boyinthelava macrumors newbie

    Jul 10, 2007
    C & C 3 on macbooks??

    Hey all,

    My question is...how does it run on a macbook through bootcamp. If anyone can shed any light on it, please tell me your specifications as well etc etc.

    The reason is, I am in the market for a mac laptop, but will only be using it for internet, photos and C&C3, hence why I don't want to spend the extra dosh to buy a MBP, if I can help it. And yes I am aware that the macbook is not a gaming machine, and yes I am aware that C&C3 for macs is not compatible with the macbooks graphics card (if thats what you want to call it...), but from what I can gather, C&C3 is not a graphics intensive' game...

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. ImperialX macrumors 65816


    Jul 17, 2007
    Tokyo, Japan
    It's been proven that C&C 3 doesn't run on a MacBook without frequent crashes. The GMA 950 is simply not good enough.

    Command & Conquer: The First Decade does work though. In my opinion that is a much more worthwhile game than C&C3 (if you don't care about graphics).
  11. bradc macrumors 6502

    Mar 17, 2006
    Canader eh
    Man, just installed it today and I love it! It goes on a bigger scale. Instead of building troop by troop you build squad by squad. The AI of your troops is much better. The graphics, sounds, everything! I love it, highly addictive, I'm running a Mac Pro 3.0ghz (Dual-Core), 10Gb RAM, 1900XT, WD Raptor 150gb x 10,000rpm and my Apple 30" Display:D Needless to say, it runs fine:)

    Great game, BUY it! I'm a downloader of music&movies but this game deserves to be bought.
  12. ~J~ thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jul 27, 2007
    3rd Rock from the sun
    How is everyone running this? Bootcamp (XP or Vista?), in a VM running XP or Vista (Parallels, etc) or native Mac? I NEED an RTS, but cant figure out how to run it best!! :D
  13. dubs macrumors member

    Jun 14, 2007
  14. Keiichi macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2007
    I bought the Cider ported version from the Apple Store yesterday. Works without any problems on my 2.4 Ghz SR Macbook Pro at 1440x900. However I encountered graphics bugs regarding shadows. Do they always look that bad? Even in the windows version?

    What settings do you guys use for best experience? I turned everything up to ultra-high and it still feels ok.
  15. rowe4860 macrumors newbie

    Sep 7, 2007

    Hey guys,

    I bought a Macbook Pro about a year ago. Its got the ATI X1600 video card in it. Im wondering if there are new ATI drivers that i should install to boost its performance, and i went on the ATI site but i didnt find anything helpful. Maybe there just aren't new drivers for Macs? i dont know. Anyways, if anyone has any knowledge on the topic, it would be greatly appreciated. :D

  16. kaltsasa macrumors 6502a

    Jan 9, 2002
    Kellogg IA
    I bought the Ciderized version last week. Runs ok for me on a 20" iMac, 2.33 Core 2, 3GB Ram. Graphix are mostly ticked down still looks pretty good to me and runs smooth. Drag n Drop install, the way it should be. AI is good, I love the cut scenes and it's got a good pace to it. My only complaint is that the updater was some hokey iPatch BS. Isn't that what they use for kracks? Come on, commercial product I expect built in updating these days. Can't they build sparkle into it? Overall, entertaining enough to make it worth my 50 bones.
  17. Krevnik macrumors 68040


    Sep 8, 2003
    Sparkle doesn't work for something like this, as Sparkle is meant to replace the whole app at once. It fails to scale to the size of a 5GB game, as it was written for 1-10MB shareware apps. Something like iPatch, or a custom app is needed to only replace specific files in the bundle.
  18. bradc macrumors 6502

    Mar 17, 2006
    Canader eh
    Yeah I have shadows turned down one notch from max and up close they're pixelated. I don't care though, wicked game!
  19. krell100 macrumors member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia

    Running on XP via bootcamp on MacPro 2.66 with the ATi X1900 card. Runs flawlessly at max graphics settings.

    It's actually a fairly weak game I feel, not much longevity to it and it feels like it was designed for 12-16 year olds. Online games are obviously designed to be very, very quick.. usually under 20mins so it all feels thin and with no real depth or strategy. If you're running bootcamp get Company of Heroes instead, It's much better.

    Just my .03 cents.
  20. psycoswimmer macrumors 65816


    Sep 27, 2006
    I have it, and it's very fun and addicting. I find myself using the Skirmish mode the most (custom match vs. computer), then online, then campaign. It also runs fine on my iMac Core 2 Duo (last gen.) with 1 GB of RAM and the x1600 ATi card with 128 MB of VRAM. I run it at 1200x800 (or maybe one step up from that?) with low/medium settings. It only gets a little sluggish during some parts where there are hundreds of units on screen.
  21. jakeguy99 macrumors regular


    Jan 21, 2007
    Can someone explain what the online joining system is like, can you only go through IP/GR or is there a server browser?
  22. FreedomFighter macrumors member

    Jul 5, 2007
    Does any have proformace numbers on the new imacs? FPS, Graphics settings etc? this would be really helpful since I am getting my 24" Imac next week
  23. MacDaddy2007 macrumors newbie

    Sep 4, 2007
    Best graphics settings for C&C3 24"Imac

    I've got a brand new 24"Imac 2.8Ghz with 4GB Ram.

    After having some problems with the game, it kept crashing at very specific points - I read this thread which really helped :-


    I now have really fantastic game performance, extremely quick and looks great too. I've got everything set to Ultra High and got it set to 1900 x 1200 resolution, except for shader detail which is set to lowest, and shadow detail to 2nd lowest(the two control each other). There seems to be specific issues with the graphics card and shading/shadows which continually cause it to crash at very specific points - lots of other people on the above thread were having exactly the same problem when setting them to anything higher than what i mentioned above. Its annoying to have to turn them down but to be honest with everything else set to ultra high you can't really notice it at all. From what I have read in other forums a lot of the issues are addressed in Leopard, and there is very clearly a need for updated drivers for the graphics card. I have installed the software update 1.1 in my frustration at it not working properly, but I didn't try the settings above with it not installed so I don't know if it has had any affect or not - but nothing I can notice anyway.

    It takes a while to open but when it does I have had no other problems since and really enjoying the game!! The ingame videos are fantastic too.

    Definately install the 1.08 patch for C&C3 btw, when you open up the game click on check for software updates.

    Hope this helps!
  24. FreedomFighter macrumors member

    Jul 5, 2007
    thanks for that mate that really helps. but does your imac get hot when running the game?

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