C D Disks, Router, and best E-mail software for new G5

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  1. Mac2004 macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2004
    Three Questions from a newbee....

    1. What are the best rated CD-R disks to use in my new G5 to back up information and photos on? Is there a site that rates CD and DVD media?

    2. Also, I just purchased a new Linksys Cable/DSL Firewall Router today (model BEFSX41) and my internet seems to be a bit slower tonight. Are these good routers for a new PowerMac G5 and can they slow down my DSL connection? Would I have been better off getting just a Belkin Ethernet switch hub? Could the firewall be causing issues with my computer? Do Linksys routers work the best for Mac?

    3. What's the best email program to use with Mac OSX? (Eudora, Mail, Entourage, AOL, etc.)? Eudora seems to be pretty nice and stable.

    4. Lastly, what is the default font that's on my screen in Mac OS 10.3.4. I really like it. It looks like Lucida or Optima. It's also the font that Apple uses along the top for Edit, File, View, etc. How can I look it up?
  2. Lewisham macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2003
    1. I like Verbatim, but that's only personal preference. They're the ones Apple gave me too :)

    2. Routers are routers are routers. What you plug into them shouldn't have any effect on how fast it goes; just the amount of traffic that is going through. Any problems the firewall on the router has will be replicated throughout all the machines. I can't think of any Mac-specific protocol that would operate over an external connection. Or at least, nothing *useful* that would :D

    3. Apple Mail rocks the socks (before I switched to Gmail). You'll love the fact it plugs into Address Book and such. Programs that keep addresses invariably look up in the Address Book. iSync, Proteus, Safari to name just three. If you use a different client, it's highly probable it'll come with it's own Address Book. That will drive you nuts.

    4. I do believe it's LucidaGrande.

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