C2D MBP Freezed 3 times after 3 hours of ownership while transferring files...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rockandroll556, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Nov 6, 2006
    Hey guys,

    Im pretty bummed right now... Not only does my computer have a VERY noticeable grain issue, and uneven lighting on the LCD, but when transferring files from my old computer via firewire transfer, my computer has freezed 3 times.

    My old computer is a g4 tower, dual 1ghz, dual boot, and that thing was solid as hell. The computer barely ever froze. When transferring my itunes library from the g4 to the macbook pro, the file transfer stopped after 15 gb of files transferred. I tried exiting the file transfer, but the computer wouldnt let me. I proceeded to force quit the finder, but the finder never reloaded... I just had the spinning balloon ball . I could use other programs, such as ichat and safari, but the finder never reloaded. I tried shutting down the computer (after about 5 min of the finder not reloading), and while this caused my open applications to quit, the computer just wouldn't shut down... I ended up having to hold down the power button to force it to shut down.

    After rebooting the computer, I wanted to transfer some applications. This time, just after clicking the icon of my old computer's hard drive, I got the balloon ball. I force quitted the finder, and the same thing happened--it never reloaded, and I had to shut it down by holding down the power button.

    After trying to do this one last time, I encountered the same exact problem yet again--the finder freezing up, and not reloading. I should mention that I was able to transfer some word documents succesfully, but thats it. God, this sucks. Do you think my computer is defective? I don't think my g4 ever froze 3 times in a year, let alone in the first 5 hours of ownership. Do you think apple will exchange this computer? Man, its CTO and Im NOT looking forward to waiting a long time for a replacement... Ive waited three weeks after ordering this computer just to get it. I can't deal with the screen issues and the freezing though. Thanks to anyone who offers input/advice.

    BTW, just to let you guys know, I have the 2.33 ghz, glossy screen, 160gb hd.

    EDIT: I almost forgot, when using safari for the first time on the computer (RIGHT after booting it up), a white rectangle appeared in the middle of the screen, with nothing in it. When pushing the back button and going to another page, this rectangle would not leave the screen. Safari would not let me quit (the quit option was greyed out in the menu) so I had to force quit safari. Just another annoying problem that absolutely should not be happening after using the computer for 15 god **** minutes.
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    I ran into the same sort of issue moving my files over from my old Powerbook to my new Macbook Pro via firewire, both with Migration Assistant and just using firewire networking. Things would start to transfer just fine, but after a while it would just stall out. I ended up transferring most of my stuff using a regular network connection, which worked fine.

    When I moved my daughter's stuff from her old iBook to my old Powerbook, firewire networking/migration assistant worked just fine. So it does seem like the issue was with the MBP (or at least with the MBP connecting via firewire to a PPC computer).

    You might want to double-check that your older computer's firmware is up to date, since that can affect this. But there indeed may be an intrinsic problem.
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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Beware of Migration assistant with Intel Macs

    This problem seems to be a Intel and PowerPC incompatibility issue, not a specific problem to the Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo. Have a look at the following page and search for the word migration: http://www.maccast.com/2006/03/26/maccast-03262006/

    If you have time, also listen to the podcast included in this page for more details. It talks about this issue (You can go directly to this subject by selecting the right chapter).

    I took this next text from the shownotes linked to the same page:

    Hope this helps!:)

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