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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mobydick01, May 21, 2013.

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    This is a stupid question, I'm sure.

    Setup: Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and two 5-bay enclosures in an old TV cabinet/armoire in my basement. The basement has heat and A/C, but can get a warmer/colder than the rest of the house depending on the season. Right now all the doors to the TV cabinet are open, but I want to install some fans in the cabinet and close the doors.

    Question: How should the airflow work in the cabinets? I mean, should the fans blow air into or out of the cabinet? Or should I have one fan blowing in and one blowing out?


    P.S. - Looking at these... seem to be good value and not too unattractive.
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    I bought some component fans from here for use in my cabinets, due to the overheating problem as well. These fans sit inside the cabinet under or over your electronics. This brand is a bit pricier than others, but my fans are still going strong after 6-7 years.
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    Exactly what I was going to say.

    Add large fan + low rpm for quiet operation if feasible. If large diameter fan is aesthetically unpleasing can always have several smaller fans like in a bar.
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    Cabinet fans should suck hot air out of the cabinet for proper cooling. If you blow air in the cabinet, you are adding heat to an already hot space. I suggest that you just make some vent holes in the cabinet on all sides and forget the fans. You need to make a lot of holes to allow proper cooling. They do not have to be big, just a lot of them. My new Salamandar Synergy quad has the extended backs with slits along with wire mesh doors. I have everything inside the cabinet, including my fat PS3, and all my componants stay cool. I was thinking about adding the thermostatically controlled exhaust fans, but the guy told me thay are loud and I would not like them. I am glad I chose not to get the fans.
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    You gotta be careful here, if all you do is getting the air out, no fresher air will come in.

    A cabinet needs some fans to bring fresher air in and some fans to get the hot air out. It creates an air flow that will keep the equipment cooler.

    As for noise, there are bigger fans with lower rpm that will get the job done. A thermostat would help but I prefer keeping the fan running, so the temps always stay low.

    This is not my set up because my machines are located on top of my AC air vent, so no need!
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    From the article i posted.
    the fan doesn't make air. it's pulling air out of the cabinet, that air has to come from somewhere, as air is removed, new air will find a way in to replace it. otherwise, you will create a vaccum chamber and your cabinet might emplode :eek: as particle board really isn't up to that challenge.

    It works pretty much the same way that you don't have to have someone blow on the top of your drink when you're using a straw.
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    Agreed but a fan blowing cool air inside will increase the air flow, a lot of computer tower are made that way.

    The cabinet might implode? Sh..t man put the rotor back on the shopper!


    There is no stupid question ( well I'm pretty sure there are but yours isn't one of those)
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    Also from the article you posted:

    This is what I do in my TV stand (TiVo, AppleTV, Airport Extreme, gigabit switch, Slingbox, Skype phone base station... probably some things I'm forgetting). It used to be over 100°F in there on a summer day, but now it's down around 80°F

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