Cable Modem not Cooperating with Airport Extreme Base Station?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by rcm3, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Sep 19, 2006

    The non-specific issues are by far the most frustrating and I can't make any sense of this. To be fair, this might not be a AEBS issue as much as a ISP issue, but any suggestions are much appreciated.

    History: My setup has worked great for about 6 months, but recently I've been having intermittent problems (described below) that have been getting progressively worse and more frequent. The issues have not changed in relationship to firmware/software updates for the AEBS and airport utility.

    Setup: Cable Modem (Time Warner Kansas City is ISP) --> AEBS (A1143 on the latest firmware) --> periodic wireless connection to imac, macbook pro and 2 iphones. A Time Machine (hard drive) is also connected to the AEBS via USB.

    -Intermittent disconnects and slowdowns over wireless
    -Wired connections are completely unaffected.
    -Loss of wireless internet connectivity is consistent through all devices.
    -Time machine is unavailable when the internet is not accessible.
    -During disconnects sometimes the router doesn't even appear, sometimes I can connect but can't reach my time machine or the internet, sometimes it won't accept my password and sometimes it times-out.

    Sounds like the wireless transmitter is going out on the AEBS or something, right? Well, Apple was kind enough to replace my AEBS under warranty to try to solve this problem, but it hasn't gone away.

    Could this be an issue with my ISP not distributing IP address properly or something? I'm not really very savvy with the way all that works.

    Thanks for your help with this mess.
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    Sep 19, 2006
    So it looks like this might be due to environmental interference. Somebody on apple's discussion boards suggested that I choose a broadcast channel manually. I did, and for now things seem to be working. I found a good macworld article that is mostly a review, but explains the issue with the channels decently.

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