Cable modems and surge protectors


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Had a problem with the internet a while back and Roadrunner ended up replacing the modem. Before he changed the modems he noticed that I had the cable connected from the wall to my surge protector and then to the modem, rather then connecting dirctly from the wall to the modem. He said that putting a surge protector in the loop was a bad idea and could lead to a lot of problems, though I can't remember if this was because of interference or a loss of signal strength. Has any one heard of this before. Isn't it a good idea to run it through the surge protrctor to protect against lightning strikes. From what I remember reading in the past a lightning srike is far more likely to travel down a telephone or cable line then it is through your electrical wiriing.


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Jan 8, 2007
Most surge protectors have poor signal throughput on their Coax lines, it's not a clean signal. I'm sure if you have a decent model, it'll be fine.

Edit: If you really need it, I'd recommend a Monster Protector. Their products have worked great for me in the past, and they're are always boasting how minimal their RF loss is.


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Jun 20, 2004
From what I've heard, as long as your cable lines are underground, you should be ok. It's only if you have overhead lines that you should worry about a surge.
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