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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Maison Carree, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Just moved and am setting up our home office and need some advice to future-proof my connections. Here's the set-up so far.

    2 G5's in the office plus small HDTV.

    In the closet I've got an x-serve, 16 port gigabit switch, an older G4 (un-plugged), 2TB WD sharespace and cable modem/router.

    In another room, I've got a 5.1 set-up but haven't gotten the big TV yet, and it may be a while until that happens, so I'm unsure of its connections.

    The question is what cables do I need to run from the TV in the HT room to the closet and from the Macs in the office to the closet so that they'll all work together for movies/music etc. I've got cat 6 for the networking, but am unsure about HDMI or DVI (possibly too long of a run) I've attached a PDF (hopefully the right size) of what I've been able to piece together so far, but I really do need some help on this one...... Thanks in advance!

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    Feb 24, 2009
    I posted my question to Networking, but wanted you guys in ATV and HT to take a look as well. Any help you can give would be appreciated! Here's my post in Networking:...

    thanks for the reply all. My main concern right now is trying to make sure I get the right cable in the right place. The problem is, I've never streamed videos before, and I'm just getting into itunes. I've got an electrician helping me pull cables underneath the house, but need to make the right decision on cables now. The real problem is I'm not totally sure of the full capabilities of the MAC's and ATV etc., but I'm learning and it's pretty cool......I just want to make sure the hard wiring is correct so I don't have to re-do anything right away.

    I guess I want the G4 in the closet to hold the music/videos, then I'll back up my work into the WD sharespace. Is that correct? If so, do I run a HDMI to DVI cable from the TV room to hook up to the G4 in the closet? I've also have a small LDC HDTV at our I need to send a HDMI to DVI cable into the closet there as well.

    And here is where it gets even crazier to me. My HT set-up has zone 2 capabilities......if I want to do that into the office or the bedroom, what/where with cable hook-ups then?

    NightSailer: No basement, and I guess I could put the computer in the HT room, but I've got this big 'ol closet and thought that it could be the data center.....but I'm up for any suggestions. Thanks again for any help you can throw my way!
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    Oct 25, 2008
    I can't really give you much help here as your specs seem unclear.

    Things to consider - are you running just DVDs or other types of media? What are the given outputs on your computer(s)? Does your 5.1 system handle optical cable and the same for your computer.

    One method would be DVI out from the computer to HDMI on the TV. That is a single cable with dvi on one side and hdmi on the other.
    Audio can go directly from the computer (optical) to the receiver if it takes optical cable. This would be the simplest.

    Computer ------> DVI------HDMI-->TV
    -------> Optical cable/toslink--->5.1 audio system

    Last thing to consider, possible IR remote set up. Usually you can get a usb to IR receiver so that you can control the computer actions from inside your office.

    Of course, you could always get a Mac Mini or ATV which could stay in the office proper and both can hook up to your cat 6 cables. Small footprint and reasonable usage.

    - Phrehdd

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