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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by karlsmacpro, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Nov 1, 2009
    Hi folks,

    I'm looking to buy a cable to enable me to connect my MacBook Pro mini display port to a HD TV via its HDMI socket. In fact, I have 2 MBPs (one is Sept 2009 and the other is May 2012) and I think the different models may be significant???. I know cables exist at different prices but some claim to have better "performance" than others, and some don't seem to transmit the audio. Can someone clarify whether the cheaper cables really do have lower performance, and whether they would or not carry the audio (as well as the video) from my two MBPs. Thanks for any help offered.
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Does anyone have any more specific and helpful advice that I haven't already tried?
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    You are making a mountain out of a molehill. miniDisplayPort-to-HDMI adaptors that carry audio are advertised as such. A simple Google search will find numerous vendors that sell them. If Google is too hard for you, then you can find adaptors from several manufacturers at That's where I purchased mine.
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    These are digital cables, passing 0s and 1s. If the digits get from one place to another, the cable is good. If they don't, it's not. You won't get better image or sound from one brand over another as long as both are working.
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    Follow the link above. There's no point in re-iterating often requested information and advice.

    The 2009 machine will likely not support audio out via the Mini displayport. Would need further information than a generic date to advise further.

    I'm using a cheap adaptor from a local electronics store which plugs into a standard HDMI cable. Cost me £8 and works perfectly, audio and all. Expensive cables are pointless, the quality is no better as it's a digital signal. Buy something with decent quality connectors, unicorn hair insulation and gold plating makes no detectable difference.
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    Thanks to those of you who offered helpful and constructive advice to someone who asked what turned out to be a straightforward clarification question. Afterall, if we all needed to pass an expert's exam before qualifying for these fora, we wouldn't need the fora, would we. Thanks again.
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    It's true that Google has the answers to all the questions posted on this forum provided you have the time (to search) and the knowledge (to sift the chaff from wheat within the search results). In contrast, this forum (like other good ones) has real and concentrated advice easily accessible. But if you're saying you prefer Google.........:eek:.......good luck.

    Thanks again for the help.:)

    Over and out.
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    Update + supplementary question. Turns out it's not quite as simple as some thought. My older (Sept 2009) MBP does not permit transmission of audio via the HDMI cable so I need an additional cable for that.

    The supplementary question relates to the quality of video displayed. There's what I can only describe as "gentle white noise - white flickering speckles" on the TV screen when connected through my newly purchased HDMI cable. It happens with both MBPs. Any clue what might be the cause, or do I have to live with it?



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