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    Hope this is the right forum. Is there someway to connect my cablebox to my iMac to watch TV on the screen? I have done research but some people say it may not work.

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    you can also do this with eye tv by elegato. the software is $75 or so. the box they use is called a "HD HOME RUN" by silicon dust. eye tv is like a dvr.

    the "Hd home run" has great widows 7 support.

    its a 2 or 3 tv tuner box, that connects to your ethernet network. all your computers can talk to the tv tuner box and record tv shows. your computers
    will see a bank of tv tuners available. and will select the first one that is not used. its really great. i tried to tell some guy at the apple store how great it was , but he rudely walked away and asked the apple people that worked there instead!

    the box basically sucks whatever is coming from the antenna and spits it out over your ethernet network with little or no encoding. you pretty much get the raw stream.

    the downside is it won't work with satellite or uverse, you must either have cable tv or an antenna

    you can have like 2 or 3 of these boxes for your ethernet

    choices are:

    HD HOME RUN DUAL = this is the older one. it will output MPEG 2. this works on antenna and cable tv (unencrypted QAM ) it is 2 tuners. HD TV can max out your wifi.

    HD HOME RUN PRIME = this is similar to the Dual , but it is 3 tuners. this is the only one that works with a Cable card. Regular over the air antennas will not work

    HD HOME RUN PLUS = this is the newest one. it is similar to the DUAL, but it outputs H264 so it won't max out your wifi , and you can use profiles , for like mobile phones. ( the box might say HD HOME RUN EXTEND)

    downside would be that they don't really have iPhone support right now. the hd home run viewer might come out for IOS but right now you have to put up with insta-tv and an in app purchase.

    you can use VLC on your windows / mac to watch live tv off the plus because it is uPNP

    5ghz wifi with a dual might actually overload your network when you are watching real HDTV. most people that own the older duals recommend regular ethernet.

    none of these boxes have wifi, they are all wired anyway
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    Is there an easier way to connect (wired) my cable box output by composite or component to some converter that can be inputed into the back of the imac? The eye/elanto seems more than I need?

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