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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Gymnut, Dec 18, 2010.

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    I recently installed BootCamp 3.2, after running 3.1 with Windows 7 on a 2009 Mac Pro without a hitch. The initial installation of 3.1 was when I only had two hard drives in my Mac Pro, the stock 1TB WD Black in Bay 1 and a 1TB WD RE3 in Bay 2 as my scratch disk. Several months later, I installed a second RE3 in Bay 3 and striped the two RE3 disks as a RAID 0 and installed a 2TB WD Green in Bay 4 to backup the RAID 0. This setup was fine and I used Windows 7 to game and to preview authored Blu-Rays using PowerDVD 9.

    Fastforward to last week, the Apple Software update prompted me in Windows 7 to install 3.2, to which I started the installation. This is where the problems arose; After the computer restarted, it would get to the Log-in screen, and after inputting my password a few seconds would go by before the screen would be garbled and I'd get a Cache Manager Blue Screen of Death; I'm a little green in troubleshooting Windows, but I immediately whipped out the Windows 7 disk and tried to restore, but oddly enough there were NO restore points! Booting into SAFE mode was okay, but I really didn't know where to go from there once I was in SAFE mode to rectify the problem(of course it doesn't help that the Cache Manager Error was very cryptic and didn't stay on screen for very long and the computer would automatically restart itself ad nauseam).

    Being that I didn't have very many apps installed on my Windows partition, I figured I'd just do a re-install. However, once I finished installing the Bootcamp drivers from the SL disc(3.0), I'd get the same Cache Manager BSOD after the login. After several attempts, and some digging around on the web, it seems that the Bootcamp Install and software RAIDs setup in OSX do not place nicely with each other; To test this out, I pulled the drives from Bays 2-4 and did another Windows and BootCamp driver install, and the Cache Manager BSOD disappeared. I'm not sure if 3.1 somehow fixed the problem and 3.2 broke it again, but I'm back at 3.2 and once again, if the RAID is back in Bay 2 & 3, the Cache Manager BSOD returns.

    Anyone else encountering this problem?
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    Yep, pretty much the same thing.

    Mac Pro, Westmere 8 core, Bootcamped Win 7 installed on a separate HD working fine via both bootcamp & Parallels.

    I installed a couple more HDD's, RAID0 them, and now get the Cache_Manager BSOD when I try to boot into Win 7. Thankfully, it still launches via Parallels OK.

    I've found a thread on the Apple community forums that says installing MacDrive before Bootcamp fixes it but 1. I'm not going to pay £60 to make something work that should just work anyway, and 2. I don't actually understand what it means :) Install MacDrive on the Mac? Uninstalling Windows or Bootcamp or what?

    If you can figure it out, do share :)

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    As an alternative to installing MacDrive, just disable the Apple Drive Mount and HFS+ drivers.

    It's clear these are designed for consumer Macs and "Boot Camp Assistant" compatible installs, not tested under all conditions on the Mac Pro.


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