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Mar 9, 2006
Apple Mail caches addresses I sent mail to, so it has many more addresses in the list when I start to type a name in the To: or Cc: field than are in my address book. Some of these addresses are no longer accurate. Is there a way to either clear the cache totally, or remove certain ones?

It's really annoying having to type someone's name and scroll through a huge list of their email addresses they've had over the who knows how long and find the right one, when all the time their only correct address is accurate in the address book anyway.



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Aug 9, 2008

Any idea how to do this same thing on iPad/iPhone mail client? I did some searching and all I could find is doing a complete virgin restore of the iPad. I have some old e-mail addresses that keep coming up that I don't need anymore but can't figure out how to get rid of them.