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Good Day Folks!

I am looking for some suggestions on CAD software, to use with 3d Printing. I build scale model kits, and would like create some detailed parts to replace the kit parts or create detail parts to enhance the kit. At the moment, I will most likely use an on-line printing service, until I purchase a 3D printer for the workshop.

1) I am not to worried about price, but under $200USD is preferred

2) Most inportant for me is, available "training" videos for the suggested software, has it's easier for me to learn by watching, has opposed to using tutorials.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions


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Feb 24, 2013
Lake Jackson, TX
CAD programs come in two flavors: really expensive and relatively cheap. There are no real in-between choices. I bought TurboCAD for about $130 and have been happy with it. The other option, if you don't mind paying a monthly fee around $40, is one of the AutoDesk products.


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Mar 21, 2014
If you're just starting out, check out the free TinkerCAD - it's made to work with NURBS and outputs STL files, which are what 3D printers work with. The $200 version of TurboCAD - Deluxe - doesn't output STL files, last time I checked, so you'd need the $400 Pro version of TurboCAD.

A very, very powerful web portal to get started with 3D printing is Autodesk's Project Shapeshifter -
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