"CalcQX ~ the calculator" new Calculator App for iPhone/iPod Touch

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    CalcQX is a general purpose calculator designed to meet daily calculation requirement while your favorite calculator on the table is out of reach. It is a perfect replacement for embedded calculator with easy-to-use, complete reversible, convenient memory slot, and various features you would expect on the touch-oriented mobile devices.


    The brand new designed user interface fully utilized the power of Retina Display and the user-friendly features of iOS platform. Vivid and info-rich screen gives you the most pleasing experience during calculation.

    Primary features of CalcQX:

    * Retina display ready for vivid and elegant image.


    * Up to 50 memory slots for past calculations/expressions.

    * Up to 100 steps for a single calculation expression.

    * Complete reversible calculation achieved from the following provided mechanisms:

    1. Tap-righ to undo, tap-left to redo at any step during calculation.

    2. Jump into any step of calculation to modify operator or operand.

    3. Reusable of expressions and results within storage limit (50 slots max.).

    4. Fully modifiable for any operator or operand of the expressions within storage limit.


    * Info-rich display shows current number, numbers in memory slots, as well as the expression under calculation. Gives complete monitoring on your calculation steps while performing redo/undo actions.

    * Except the general memory function provided by a regular calculator (M+, M-, MR, ...), CalcQX provides 4 additional easy-to-use memory slots (M1 ~ M4) for calculation. Simply tap-and-hold to memory any numbers currently shown on the screen and tap again to recall.

    * Best balance design between button size and functionality. CalcQX provides sufficient functions for general purpose number calculation without compromise for the button size. You don't have to rotate your iPhone/iPod 90 degrees, waiting for the accelerometer to react, and bear the miniaturized keys for more functions.



    * Clipboard/email support.

    * Use just like a reguler calculator, but with a lot more advanced/convenient features.

    CalcQX is now on the App store for a special price at $.99

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    v1.1 released... now support both iPhone/iPad


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