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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by kmaute, Nov 30, 2010.

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    I'm having an issue that I can't figure out. Hopefully someone here will have an idea or two. I need to create a list of specific weekdays with dates from on out. In other words, I need to know the dates of all Sundays and Tuesdays from 12/1/10 to 12/31/12. Ideally, I'd like it do be in an excel or csv format so I could easily manipulate the data. Any ideas on how to do this easily? Thanks.
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    You should be able to do this in excel. Pick a sunday - make a series that repeats every 7 days. Repeat for Tuesday. Or use iCal. Repeating once a week should be easy for either.
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    Well, 12/7/10 is a Tuesday. Enter that in a cell.
    12/12/10 is the following Tuesday. Enter that just below the first one.
    Now highlight both cells, grab the lower right corner and drag down as far as you want.
    Excel will take that 7 day interval and fill in the dates to eternity if you want it to.

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