Calendar and Google Maps integration coming

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JayLenochiniMac, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I've been waiting for this since day 1. Currently you can't click on an address in iPhone calendar to look it up in Google Maps (like you can do in iCal in Leopard), which is rather frustrating with no copy and paste. I've devised a temporary solution to this by creating a new group in Contacts "Recent Places" and adding the address to it whenever I add an event in Calendar with a location.
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    Without reading the application yet, but going by the article....

    It's getting pretty tiring seeing Apple trying to patent every obvious thing and/or what's been done before.

    Other phones already have apps that alert people when you're going to be late, or if you're close to arriving to them, or if you need to leave now to get to an appointment on time.

    My own little group makes field apps for repairmen. Do we take calendar / job entries and use GPS on their trucks to map the best routes? Duh. Yes. So do many other field app makers.

    Dumb patent applications aside, yes, what can be done is wicked cool and more important, useful as all get out. Too bad the iPhone doesn't allow background apps, so some of this can actually work for you without you opening a related app all the time.

    Oh wait. Of course APPLE's own apps will be able to do this in the background. Silly me. :rolleyes:

    PS. Thanks for the link! Sorry for the rant!

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