Calendar apps that don't link directly to ios stock calendar app

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by hkrocker, May 23, 2014.

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    May 23, 2014
    So, I've been trying a bunch of different calendar apps, and I've noticed that every one I've tried wants to pull data directly from my ios Calendar app, as opposed to linking directly to an account (like most mail apps do, they use your account creds to log directly into your exchange/gmail/etc).

    Now, I want to keep my work and personal calendars completely separate. I add my personal calendars to my phone by syncing my ios cal app with my gmail calendars. However, I'm looking for an app that will let me sync my exchange calendar with it directly, so I don't have to add it to my default calendar app. I'd like to keep those two ecosystems completely seperate (which I'm able to do for emails).

    Anyone know a calendar app that takes your credentials and syncs directly with exchange instead of needing to go through default calendar app? Or, is this another "by design" system of forcing integration similar to how most browsers are really running safari in the background?

    Any help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance.
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    Calendar apps

    Have a look at Pocket Informant, it may well do what you want.

    I should have also added that the section you need to look at when you go to the website is Pocket Informant and syncing via gSyncit or via Outlook, there is a specific forum to answer questions.

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    I use the free MS OWA apps on my iPad Air and iPhone 5. The two other direct apps that friends of mine use are Mail+ and Mail+ for Enterprise. The shortcomings of the OWA and Mail+ apps are you need OWA access and Mail+ doesn't have EAS or work with Exchange 2013. The Mail+ for Enterprise requires an Enterprise license, and works with Exchange Server. The MS OWA app suits my needs fine.

    I tried and deleted PI (in the previous post), as it doesn't sync with an Exchange account directly. And, gSyncit is Win-only.

    There's a couple of highly-rated apps in Sunrise and Acompli a couple of my friends use, but both require an "account" and your data goes through their servers, and I didn't like their privacy policies - in other words, they market you and your contacts. Not for me, or my contacts...
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    So you want one that has its internal way to connect to calendars rather than using the accounts/calendars you set up on your phone (in the accounts section of settings)?
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    May 23, 2014
    First, thanks for trying to help out everyone!

    Okay, so for pocket informant, I'd either have to directly sync with outlook by connecting to my computer which I'd rather not do. To get the calendar otherwise I'd need to connect it to my ios calendar (what I'm avoiding...)

    The free owa app from MS actually requires an office365 subscription, which my organization doesn't use (why MS, why?). Tried getting it to work with normal exchange and no-go.

    Considering trying the mail+, but the reviews are so dicey for 5.99. Has anyone had good success connecting to a calendar directly through this app?


    Yes! I would like an app that syncs automatically to my exchange calendar without needing to put that calendar on my default ios calendar, as to make it easier to separate my work and personal life and events.

    A lot of this is because I have so many work-based meetings every day that it turns my calendar into spaghetti marking it hard to keep my personal events straight.

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