Calendar confusion!! Exchange + Gmail + iCloud..????

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by grumpyyoungman, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Nov 13, 2011
    okay so i have a problem with having multiple calendars and i'm running into problems with duplicate calendar reminders. here's my situation right now:

    1. work = Exchange/Outlook
    2. phone for work/personal = iPhone 4S
    3. personal calendar = Google Calendar

    my problem is that i've made a transition in my computing life over the last 4 years from Windows to Android to Mac/iOS. i have an iMac now here at my house and i love it. i may be getting a macbook for work, but i'm not sure about that yet so for now i'm still stuck with my Windows 7 machine using Outlook 07.

    you may be asking "why are you using Google Calendar when you have either Exchange or iCal?". well...the only reason is because my wife puts our family calendar in Google Calendar because she is on a Windows 7 machine and doesn't have an iPhone or anything. that's the ONLY reason i use google calendar. so i'm trying to figure out where to start putting my calendar appointments so that it will sync across all my devices.

    i still receive Exchange/Outlook calendar appointments at work, so i'll need to be able receive those and have that sync with my iPhone. but i've got all these options now with iCloud and stuff that i'm literally going crazy trying to figure out where i need to put my appointments. i want to do away with the Google Calendar, but how will she be able to put appointments into our family calendar? is there another method that she could do stuff in iCloud or something without having an iOS device or iMac?

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    I think I would leave iCloud out of the mix.

    I have a Mac at home, Exchange at work, Android phone . . I use gmail for personal email. So I have both gmail and exchange accounts on the phone. Gmail sync's with Mac (IMAP). Work laptop with Exchange.

    Wife has Mac and iPhone. She's sticking with gmail. Sync'ing gmail with Mac Mail, Address Book, etc . . . and also with her iPhone.

    I don't see the need for iCloud at this point for either of us.
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    Nov 13, 2011
    thanks for the help guys. i think i just solved my problem by eliminating the need for google calendar altogether. my wife can just invite me to appts she makes and i'll accept them at work for syncing with exchange. i can also sync iCal with exchange so i'm good there too. i've disabled iCloud for calendar, contacts, and mail since exchange does all of that.

    so i THINK i'm good to go. thanks!

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