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    I'm still trying to make iCloud work for me, and I always regret my attempts. I'm running Mavericks, fully updated, on a 27" iMac and linking to an iPhone 5 running iOS 7. I have everything turned off in iCloud except FindMyWhatever, and decided to try using Apple's reminders. I went to Settings/iCloud and toggled on Reminders. After a few seconds I noticed that my Calendar, which was displayed on the iMac screen quite by coincidence, had gone completely blank. It then said something about setting up my calendar on the server (which took several minutes) and now I have a completely wiped calendar database on my iMac!!!!

    So, what happened and can I get any of this back?


    So, I have a brainstorm - I go to Settings/iCloud and click on Calendar. Huzzah! I now have Calendar entries back. Quickly I make a Calendar archive and back out of iCloud. These apps are all too tightly, and opaquely, tied together in iCloud. Apple, are you listening?
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    Once you go all iCloud with Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders, you may find you like it. I have 3 devices and having them all update no matter which one I add or edit an entry on is very cool. I recall a growing pain when I started (I think I had duplicates?). Anyway, it works very nicely now. Good luck!

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