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Oct 30, 2008
When creating a Calender entry via iOS, is the selection of "Busy" or "Free" only seen by you personally or does it appear on other's devices when attempting to invite you to their meeting?

I see this work well when using Outlook on my work laptop but cannot see how this selection impacts my iOS entries.

Can someone explain to me how this works?


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Feb 13, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
Busy/Free is, as you indicated, for shared calendars. What the person with whom you're sharing the calendar sees depends on the level of the sharing. Depending on the calendar host you can share only the busy/free info with an individual, if you choose, and usually that means such a person would only see events you have marked as "busy" and no specific info on the event...just "busy".

If or how well this works depends, I suppose, on the compatibility of the host calendars.


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May 2, 2017
The person above is sorta right, for the most part it just means if you make an event and you say you're "busy" and someone else try's to invite you to an event at the same time they, depending on your calendar sharing, it will show you as busy, this way that person can reschedule to a different time when you're not busy. If you're event was set to "free" then that person would see you as a Available and could schedule the event.
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